November 5th, 2006

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Koki's Birthday & Community Layout Contest!

In fear of a lot of posts regarding Koki's 21st birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), for those who want to greet Koki a big happy birthday, please comment here (this discludes any Koki download posts)! Previous HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOKI! posts are listed below. ^^

Also, to make this a dual post, the poll on voting for our next community layout is now open! Sorry for the lateness. School seems to like pwning KAT-TUN fans' lives. :(

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File: [TV] 061104 Zoomin Sat - Kame

File Size: 61 MB
Format: avi
File source: apinkmaru CB
Uploading Credits: Absolute Baka
Download method: Sendspace
Expiry date: after 7 days of last download activity
Description: More promo clips for HitoKoi. Ayase and Kame are cute in this one.

Download Link

If you want it uploaded to YSI, just give me a nudge, okie dokie? ^__^

Enjoy! emot-whistle.gif 

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Nobuta wo Produce and Sapuri RMVB

Hi everyone~

I'm trying very very very hard to find these dramas in RMVB format, chinese subbed (either by [SUBPIG] or [TVBT] ). But to no avail. They are inactive in clubboxes too.

Does anyone know where is it still available? Or uploaded? (preferbly on MU, SS etc...)

Any help is appreciated~ thanks and thanks.
by electroxcuute



what made you do this??!

1. The end of filming "たったひとつの恋"???!
2. because Jin left for some unknown country???!!

sorry for the random post but I was just SOOOOO!! shocked when I saw it and felt like sharing immediately!!
;____;... Kame....