November 4th, 2006

Toki Doki Spring '07

[Request] Murasaki Lyrics

Hi hi! I was hoping that someone would know where I can find the lyrics to Jin's solo Murasaki (ムラサキ). I would prefer it in Kanji instead of romanized, since I would need to translate it myself. My professor said that I could tie in the song into my thesis paper, so this would really help me out a lot!

Thank you in advance ^_^

Film Fest FanCam

It's been a while since I've uploaded anything since my connection has been rather crappy, but I found this at WindJP. It's the FanCam of Johnny's Film festival that Jin and Tackey hosted. I've uploaded it on to SS for those that don't like CB. I think all the links are right, but if they're not tell me. ENJOY~ :D

Film Fest part 001 of 1

Film Fest part 002 of 1

Film Fest part 003 of 1

Film Fest part 001 of 2
Film Fest part 002 of 2

[Request] Nobuta wo Produce and Gokusen 2 episodes in RMVB

Hi there everyone~

I tried my best searching the net for them, but, because they are too old, all seem to be not available. Especially bt files.

I just would like to know, does anyone know anywhere its still available? On Megaupload, Sendspace or other file hosting sites....(chinese or english subbed)

And the reason why i prefer to dl RMVB files cuz of the lack of space in my hard disk.

Thanks in advance for any help~
lolwut {sj}

Small question

OwO Does anyone have a text version of the Kaizokuban tracklist?
I'd type one up myself, but my PC doesn't allow me to have a Japanese keyboard setting on it.

thanks to anyone who replies ^^
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Happy Birthday Koki kun! XD

He’s been doing well nee, winning the secondary actor award and being in the popular guy’s list. I hope everything continues to go great for him, since he’s a really nice and caring person as well as very talented

He’s 21 years old now, he reached worldwide adulthood, in Japan’s 20 tho, In my country is 18.

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[Request] Pi and Kame charades

Hey everyone! Today I was thinking about this video I saw of YamaPi and Kame on this show where they had to act out certain items (cell phone, stapler, fireworks) or people, like charades, and they rotated and the other people guessed, and they guessed about the other people, and when they got it right, they got leis and then Pi won and ate some spaghetti. And it was really funny and I wanna watch it again! I think I saw it on YouTube, but I think it may have been deleted, 'cuz I can't find it anymore! ;_; I was wondering if anyone had the video and would be willing to upload it for me? Or if you could point me to a YouTube link, that would be okay too!

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about and can help!! ;_; Thank you in advance to anyone that does!

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