November 3rd, 2006

tiny request..

hello minna...

i  saw this vid from youtube and i kinda wanna noe if anyone has a full vers of the part around the 24th min where ueda was reading something to ryo. ryo look kinda stunned and ueda looked like he was about to cry.. pls pls pls.. help? if u can provide with translation will be much appreciated.. thankies loads...

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Do you think....

My friend and I were discussing KAT-TUN [since we lack ideas of talking about anything that doesn't involve JE T_T;;] and we questioned ourselves...

"Do you think KAT-TUN knows that they have fans in North America...and not only there but world wide?"

If what do you think their reaction would be like if they were told "You sold 1000 copies in North America"...I think they would be happy and very suprized.

However, my friend thinks they might happy but their fans might be upset knowing as they might want to keep KAT-TUN in Japan and ONLY Japan...

What does everyone else thnk?



ok at the end of one of the utawaras there was a clip of jin steeling some guys umbrella and i was wondering if anyone had managed to have that! I really wanna seeit! XD so if anyone does it would mean much for you to upload it!! Thanks guys!!