November 2nd, 2006

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yay for pumpkin carving!

okay so halloween was yesterday *sorry I couldn't get my lazy butt to post this when it sorta mattered* anyway I carved a pumpkin and I made kattun's kaizokuban emblem (??) and well decided to post it here...the picture isn't great cause my camera makes it look weird and my carving of "kaizokuban" at the top wasn't the best but..I tried! so tell me what you think ne? *hug*

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Pretty Sailor Kame♥

Kame's nose!!

I was just looking around Yahoo Taiwan and I came across this article.

Many people in Japan want get plastic surgery, so a website made a poll for the top five male and female artists who's features were imitated most. Kame won second place for most wanted nose!! 

XD aww, Kame does have a nice nose. I don't see many people who's nose bridge is arched these days. Even if I do, they're probably very old wrinkly men =.=".  

anyways, I have a picture of Kame, and you can see his nose very well!!

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can someone point me to where i can download dream boys with subbs? someone posted it before but I can't remember where. and besides, at the time, they only had cd 1. 

Online petition for KAT-TUN REAL FACE Spring Con 2006 DVD

This is a project started by a fan in Japan, and she is trying to start a petition, in hope to get Johnnys to release KAT-TUN's REAL FACE Spring Con which was held this Spring.

Fill in the following blanks:

Message within 50 words:

Of course we can't promise that it will bring on any results, but we hope to do just do a little something...
so I hope as many people as possible can sign up this petition...

Mod, please feel free to delete this post if you find it inappropriate
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Hi folks! Aiharu desu:)

As the name indicates, I love spring . I've been lurking this comm for the past few months, but only joined a few days ago. I'm new to livejournal so I'm still grasping my way in terms of navigating/constructing the look and content of my site. I don't have anything much to contribute at this point besides my passion for KAT-TUN.

One thing I do know is the name of that orange ball thing in HitoKoi. I'm not sure whether this tidbit has been reported in other threads; if so, my apologies. It's called "Flash Bon Bon Ball" (in katakana). You can get it from the rakuten jp website at 1,638 yen per set -inclusive of sales tax( 24 balls, 6 different colors). Apparently it's powered by internal batteries. But I guess it's only for the Japanese market??? Anyway, I hope the info was helpful!

Kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
jin gothic

fic [regrets]

Title: Regrets
Length: One-shot.
Pairings: Akame
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe. )
Warnings: Violent!Kame, slight Kame-bashing, slight language
Summary: I suck at summaries. Just please read the story? ^^;;

Notes: thanks tsukishiro2 for being my beta. any other mistakes are mine. :)
Disclaimer: I don’t own the people, just the plot. :)

( on to my fic... )

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