October 31st, 2006

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hi everyone! I've joined this community for quite a long time already, just that I haven't been making any posts ^^ Anyway I've decided to make an icon post! Erms its my first time making icons, so if there's anything I can improve on please tell me!

Please comment if you're taking them? I need the encouragement :x And I'm sorry if any of the icons resemble any of those you guys have made, I honestly honestly honestly did not copy/plagarize/imitate any of them :)

Thank you!!

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Anyway, I crossed post this to akame_, akupishi, kamelove, kame_daily, pretty_boy_love. Is this allowed?

[request] j-sport and countdwon clips

(if this is not allowed please delete)

Hi all,

sorry to bother you guys.
I start collecting old clips of JE's, particularly J-sport and countdown.
What I have so far is J-sport 2003, countdown 2004-2005 and countdown 2005-2006.
If any of you have any of J-sport and countdown apart from those what i have, please share.
What I would like to specialy request is that it must be the whole show and clear (not distorted).
I know this is a huge favour to ask, but you guys are my only hope...^^...(sound too over?)...
Thank you in advance, everyone.

PS. cross posts so many places...^^...
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[Request] Reupload of Utawara 29/10/2006


Can any kind soul out there PLEASE help me reupload parts 1 and 2 of last week's Utawara onto SS or MU ;o; It's Jin's last appearance and being the huge Jin fan that I am, I'd feel terribly deprived if I don't get to watch it >_<

bittersweet_bun uploaded onto Uploading.com, but for some reason, my downloads just got stuck halfway D:

Pretty prease? ♥
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