October 30th, 2006

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SUPPORT Jin (update)

Ok everyone, sorry it's been so long in between postings. I had ORIGINALLY planned on posting more info almost 2 weeks ago, but...shit happened -_-;;

Now, this is a TWO part post. Let's do it this way:

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I'm sure I missed something, but for now, please look this over, and think about it. I haven't had a chance to look over the emails we've gotten so far asking about the projects, but I will try to get a look at them tonight.

rikayla, please let me know if I forgot anything....
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Never Ever Ever!!!!!!Move your computer when your downloading stuff without saving it >.< My computer shutdown and all the music i was downloading is gone!!!!*cries EMO tears of pain* Its not fair. Its not fair!!! I finally found some Songs i love and the websites are gone!!! I know this may seem like random babling but can anyone please help me locate some News and KAT-TUN songs please!!! Just the website would be enough T.T I would love you all so muchT.T

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ah, hi mina. I have a small request again, sorry.

I know last week mienai2401 uploaded the shows Merenge and Oshareism with Kame on them. When I tried to download it, and then burn it to DVD ( so I can bring it in to class) I was not able to. I was wondering if someone would be willing to re-upload them to yousendit or sendspace in mpeg format.

thank you to anyone who can help!
Pretty Sailor Kame♥

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Konichiwa minna!! Tira-chan desu. I sort of disappeared after introducing myself.. but I was just wondering if anyone has the romaji lyrics for Will Be All Right? help would be much appreciated ^^!!
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SUPPORT JIN: Managers Applications

Thank you to those who have been willing to be a manager for the big SUPPORT JIN project. ^^ I have pulled up a fairly simple application form for those who are interested. This must be filled out by every potential manager. This discludes the two or so people we have already personally talked to already. ^^
  1. Fill the following out.
  2. Send it to kattunlove.lj@gmail.com by Thursday, November 2nd's night EST.
  3. Please place "ayaka (First Message)" as your email subject.
  4. Please take note that the you are only allowed to apply for one language to manage at the moment. Exceptions will be made for less popular languages, but that is not to be decided now.
  5. The managers will be decided over the weekend.
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Thanks for being interested! I hope the application wasn't too tough. :P

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