October 29th, 2006

sho and ohno

2 short Junda fics

Title: 7 seconds of Heaven
Author: meela2389
Pairing: Junda
Genre: fluff
Rating: pg 13
Summary: Junno and Ueda play truth or dare XD

Dedicated toneko_funjatta  cause it's her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!

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Title: Love or Like
Pairing: Junda
Genre: fluff
Rating: pg 13
Summary:Junno questions Ueda's preference in girls

Dedicated to neko_funjatta  cause it's her birthday XD

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And one thing turned into another.. or something like that

I was looking for an image to make a wallpaper of and a picture of Kame caught my interest. Now the thing is that I just HAD to make something with it, and that something turned out to be an avatar...... and because I felt sorry for the others (and wanted one of Ueda) I ended up making an avatar of the others as well -_-;;


6x KAT-TUN avatars

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please credit if using~~

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Introduction post

Hello everyone!

I've been lurkin around since summer but only joined not a long time ago. This will be really short because I don't really know what should I write about myself.

I'm Maron, a 20 years old from Hungary. I liked the boys for a while, thanks to my friend ami_yanagi who is veeery addicted to them but I only got only during the summer deeper into the fandom.
My favorite member - although I really love all of them - is Jin who can make my day anytime =)

Anyway. I made some wallpapers and decided to share them.They all feature Jin^^

Enjoy them! ^____^
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Um, hi... I don't know if this is okay or not, but I was wondering if I might be able to beg a little bit for a CD-quality mp3 of "SIGNAL"? All the copies I've been able to find are radio-rips or a minute and thirty seconds long. :(

Edit: request filled by chibi_hime! thank you! ♥
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