October 28th, 2006

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A theatre sized KAT-TUN! <3

Mello Everyone,

I just wanted to spread the cuteness of what happened to myself and bummie_face last nite.

We live Toronto and there are J-pop/anime Dance parties and since I was on the staff I was able to request ONE song....so I requested Signal.....

Now, they were playing the PV on the Movie Theatre screen and the second Signal came on.....we screamed.....[I think we were the ONLY ones that knew the song] We tried to do the dance but failed a lil' and ppl stared.. ^_^;;;; Randomly screaming "MARU!<3" "UEDA<3" whenever they came on screen...lol [our faves]

Lemme tell you...KAT-TUN never looked so sexy...lol. Big or small screen...yummi!

And I just had to run up and grab Jin's "area".....lol IT WAS MOVIE THEATRE SCREEN BIG!
[come on...you all know you would've]

Sorry other MODS if you think this is irrelivant...if so just delete my funny nonsense!^^

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a little request...

Hello minna~

i have a little request. a few days ago y reseted my PC and lose all my music T____T...i feel very sad for this, because my music is all for me!!. well, my request is: anybody can upload for me some rips (rips because i hace all stuff from singles and cds T_T, but no rips) from these groups:

-NewS (group and solo's members)
-KAT-TUN (group and solo's members)
-A.B.C (in special from this group because are my fav jrs.)
-Johnny's Jrs in general.

that's it! thanks in advance!

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    Orochi Taiko [ROCK ver] @ A.B.C

Hihi! Hmm interesting idea.

Hi everyone! I have an idea maybe some of you guys might want to hear .
anyways the my idea was that I've been reading alot of fanfics lately. Many of them are VERY good, so I was wondering why dont we make a little movie out of it. Many of you I'm pretty sure have seen fanvids, with their yaoi story plots. Well, today I read http://hochrot-engel.livejournal.com/610.html?view=51554#t51554 "Distance"
and well I was also listening to music, and then Ai Otsuka 's PLANETARIUM came on. Well, as I was reading it and listening to the song I really got the fanfic even more, it actually made me cry! :'(
Well anyways, as I was reading the fanfic and listening to the song I could see the whole story how it could go if it was a fanvid. I think i would be a really good fanvid if we all could help.

Maybe you guys want to join in on this and we can make this happen!

ps.  I will tell the author about this idea!
       & delete this if this is just rubbish.


well for this to come true
I was wondering if people could first read the fanfic
and then see what clips would fit for the fanvid.
I am currently asking the author to use their fanfic as the story plot.
I already have some clips that would fit really well with fanvid.
also thank you </a></b></a>lovesfootprints for your comment
It  really did help thank you once again.
Um, some help, what type of program could I use to make this fanvid could someone please tell me. Thank you!
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