October 25th, 2006



Hi to all fellow friends~

I have a small request...remember there was a video where KAT-TUN was doing a performance of taiko drums and dance (left side), then it switched over to a group of girls singing in kimono (right side), then it switched back to them dancing again.

Any one has that video? Mind uploading it?

Thanks in advance...! ^^

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Hi everyone, Kura desu.

I have a small request to make. for my speech class we have to give a biography speech, and I was wanting to do Kame. I was wondering if anyone had translations of interviews with Kame from magazines or something like that. I'm also wondering if anyone has Kame's solo 'Kizuna' that would be willing to upload it to sendspace or yousendit.

thank you to anyone who can help. I greatly appreciate it! XD

[Icons] Drooling with your iPod Nano? [Part1]

Konnichiwa minna-san! ^_^

I'm just back from Paris!
Yes, it was fun ^_^
Unfortunately not many stores were open on monday ='(
I also went to Disneyland Resort =D
Whuaaahhh.... I already went there 4 times X""D
And 1time in LA =3
Hmm I hope Jin will enjoy LA's Disney too X3
If he goes to LA ^_^

Back to the subject. I'm bored at school...I guess you guys too ne?
(if you're not, you're an alien X""D)
I always listen to my music when I'm bored...I'm so glad I have black hair =3 My teachers can't see that's i'm listening my iPod during class (ok.. if you wanna pass your grade.. don't follow my habit X""D)
BUT...  You guys all know that listening to music all the time will damage your ears ne?So...

Instead of listening to music, let's go watch&drool on our god

Collapse )
The Prine.  His Throne.

[MOD] More Rules

Just more rules to keep in mind even though it won't be on the rules list for awhile...I think...

Icon Posts - From now on, any icon posts must have at least 10 KAT-TUN related icons. If you can not make 10 or more icons than they all have to be KAT-TUN!

Requesting - When you request for something please just make it simple. You don’t have to bribe anyone because we’re all nice and we’ll share when we can.

Introductions - Introductions that have more than 2 paragraphs, please put them under a LJ CUT. This will reduce a long way of scrolling and make the community cleaner.

Linking - When you link to a post containing a fanfic, icons, etc. please make it a direct link to the post! I do not want a link saying “it’s at my journal” and links to your journal in general or a link linking to another link to another to another. I’m not up for searching!

Thank you all!
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Gokusen Season 2

Would somebody help me and upload into Season 2 of Gokusen,
i know that from a memories of j-drama can upload these,
but megaupload and my mediaplayer don´t play those
and i have tried so many times.
And i´m very crap to connect. And i´m almost a very new here,
i don´t know that are somebody upload these things before,
and i guess there are uploads..
But i rly appreciate that, if somebody wonderful human
 would do that for me, thank you very much if you can♥^^''
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Hello all!!! I'm kinda new to the world of KAT-TUN but I've already heard a few of their songs and I've fallen in LOVE!!! Ueda is my Favorite and I die everytime I listen to Love in Snow *listens to it continuously all day* he looks so sad at the end of the Live performance. Well before I ramble on and on I hope I can become great friends with all of you and you guys can ease me into a better knowledge of the group. Arigato Gozaimasu!
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yuuwaku Kame

Need a suggestion

working on a supporting KAT-TUN site,
planing on buying a domain for it(already have space)
but just can't seem to think of a good domain
so coming to ask for suggestion

there were few suggestion made by other friends like


if anyone have any good ideas please comment T_T


Hullo there Kat-Tun fans!! I had a request if somone is kind enough to help me! ^^ I was wondering if anyone had any pix of Jin smiling! Like in laughter if you know what i mean! Thanks guys!

I know this is probably impossible but i was wondering if someone on this forum lives in japan could buy me a Fan (as in the one you wave) of kat-tun and i pay them for it. It would be greatly appreciated! But i was just asking if that was possible since I hvae no WAY of getting one where I live! Anywho thanks....jya!