October 24th, 2006

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i've uploaded some old signal performances for jun_x_kohta.
Feel free to download, if u have any problem shoot it and i'll try my best. Gomen ne, this is my 1st time uploading files so maybe i screwed up but this is specially for jun_x_kohta. Enjoy!!!! :-)
these are the links:

20060723 UTAWARA - 3 (3m45s).mp4 (24 MB),

Utaban]_20060720_ 01_ KATTUN_ Signal

utawara sixsense_signal_realface
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In case there are people who don't have it yet... :D

File: [CM] Jin - FOMA903i

File Size: 19 MB
Format: mpg
File source: Apinkmaru CB
Uploading Credits: Absolute Baka
Download method: Sendspace
Expiry date: after 7 days of last download activity


Enjoy! emot-whistle.gif

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Intro post...? ^^;;

Greetings! Wanted to introduce myself as Jess, long time KAT-TUN fan, and have actually been watching this community for months. South Korean girl I lived with in boarding school managed to convert me into the obsession which is KAT-TUN (and JE boys in general) and that was over two years ago now! I love all the boys yet Jin does keep a special place in my heart.

I do actually have a request. ^^; I recently aquired a new laptop (YAAAAAAAAY) whose name is Itachi. Ahem. Anyway, his screen is a widescreen, 1680x1050, and it is hard to find wallpapers for this...huge size. I get very sad that KAT-TUN has to be oddly squished and stretched so, to fit. ;_; What I would like help with though, would be any HQ, BIG images of the boys together or particularly Jin (there is my bias! D:) which I could use to make myself some nice nonsquished desktops with. :3 Any help would be much appreciated!

To bribe, I can always post my results up for anyone else to grab, yet I don't promise grand results. u_u My plan was to just search for images and cut and crop them the right dimensions in photoshop, since my photoshopping skills leave much to be desired. =\

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank kakitani again for resizing that beautiful Docomo ad of Jin for me! <3333 Much love to you. I just think I need to share my love through my wallpaper a bit more evenly between the boys. :D

Also, because I feel bad, here is a few Jin solos I'm willing to upload for anyone who asks, whether they can help or not. ^____^ I can't upload right this second because of the limits of my internet connection, DX!!! but will certainly get back to you quickly, I promise. :D I live on the internet yo. Jusut give me a shout and I'll start uploading as soon as I can. :DD

Collapse )

Gah another also this post is so loooooooong DX I had a sudden interest in photos of the boys (esp. Jin) dressed as girls...apparently there are a lot of instances of this?! I need to see more. *____*
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MOD: Brief Posting ...

For the community layout contest, the due dates have been moved to one week later, so if you haven't submitted in anything yet, now is a good time to do so. If you don't know how to code the layout and such, no worries, I'll manage. :) Thank you to those who have already submitted entries. And you can also submit in more than one entry. ;)

Another thing... I added kattun_fanfics as a community affiliate, in attempt to filter out some of the fanfiction promotions at this community. I'm not saying that they're not welcome, but just to promote that community as well, as another source of your promotion, so your promoting doesn't completely revolve around this community.

And that's all for now. :) Hope everyone had a good day at work/school/etc. :)

-- Wendy


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konichiwa minna!
i'm ashley. from america. michigan to be exact.
i've been watching this community for a while, but this is my first time posting anything other than comments to fanfics and awesome videos or icons. (btw, thank you all for making cute icons. i absolutely love icons, and nothing is better than KAT-TUN icons) but i had some questions for those of you who read this. if you feel like responding, would you tell me how you got into KAT-TUN, where you're from and whatever else you wanna share. your favorite member, other jpop bands you like, whatever. i find it really interesting how people who arent from japan find out about these amazing bands.

i'll start with my story. this summer i went to japan for 6 weeks on a scholarship program. (i've been learning japanese in school for...10 years now) and like most teenage girls in japan, my host sister was OBSESSED with KAT-TUN. at first i thought they were weird and very feminine looking (i swore kame was a girl on the cover of the Kaizokuban dvd.) but after seeing them EVERYWHERE, i started to enjoy them. and then i came back possibly even more obsessed than my sister is. my favorite member is either kame or akanishi, they're both just too kawaii to choose. i also like other really popular jpop bands like arashi, yamashita tomohisa, the little bit of kanjani and news that i heard, dj ozma (hes hilarious) ayumi hamasaki, yui, porno graffiti, bonnie pink, and some more.

one more question: how do you make the fake cut to your livejournal? im not very good with editing stuff and html, but i wanna be able to shorten long entries (like this one). i especially wanna post that survey about KAT-TUN that i saw on baka no sekai.

thanks guys!
and keep posting that great stuff.
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lolwut {sj}

Two KAT-TUN icons

Probably would've made more, but I was really sleepy last night ;O

[2]melody. (see you)
[2]Otsuka Ai (FURENJAA)
[3]Hamasaki Ayumi (&)
[3]YUI (From Me To You)
[18]Nakashima Mika (TRUE, LOVE, MUSIC, Hi no Tori, Sakurairo Maukoro)

Follow the fake LJ cut

Comment and credit if taking (even if I already mentioned that in the rules)

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Ohayo gozaimas...minna sama!!

Well i have some requests though it's kind'a old. I wonder if anyone have the old clip of KAT-TUN singing "SOLITUDE" at Shounen club. I've just watched at youtube recently and fall in love with it.Would u please upload it for me?

And also, if anyone has the "KAT-TUN WO ABAKE" at shounen club on 01042006(if i'm not mistaken). It's ok if it has not been subbed yet coz i have the translation and i can sub it myself.Thank u so much.

P/S: In exchange if you want anything, just shoot it and i'll try my best for it.

Thank u in advance,!!!
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Karaoke.. anyone?

Hello again! I am quite scared to post this (or anything in general), but I created a community where all fans of JE can post their singing of their favorite JE boy band songs! As to seeing how other karaoke communities are "idle" or "dead," I am not sure if this community will last, but I do hope it will survive for quite a while!

Please join je_karaoke, thank you :]