October 22nd, 2006

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MOD: Support KT-TUN Project~

Some of you asked when we should send in the postcards. Send them at the beginning of November, so then they will all arrive at approximately the same time. If you already sent them, then that's okay. Don't worry about it. ^^ The fan addresses in which you should mail to are posted at this post. Please take note that the ending bit has been changed to:


That is, "KAT-TUN (heart)". This is different from the earlier version we asked. We changed it because it's a bad idea to link back to this LiveJournal community, where are promoting KAT-TUN "illegally" (in quotations because any unofficial promotion is basically illegal in the eyes of JE, ne).

And to make this a dual post, I just want to point that the mods here at kattunlove have added one more rule to the list:

All posts must relate to KAT-TUN, NOT JE! Entries that do not follow this will be deleted without notice.

Thank you.

Edit: I don't know what wrong with the layout. I'm pretty sure it's just a temporary error because even my back-up coding isn't working. So hopefully the layout image and sidebar will be up later on. My apologies.
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[Request] Making of Signal PV

I know I'm making another request so soon after my last one, but I was wondering if anybody has the making of the Signal PV, in MPEG File, and can upload it in either sendspace or megaupload? I already tried that himitsu website, but it didn't work for me, thanks in advance to anybody who replies to this!
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(no subject)

i have a very important request, i rememer that someone of this community had posted some weeks, or even month , ago the caps of the real face jin video.
that post with more than 1000 pictures...i need it...it´s very important...can someone repost it? or show me a link or something like that???
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Johnny's and Youtube.

I was watching CNN earlier and there was one segment which went: "Youtube has had to remove 30,000 videos from their website at the request of a Japanese entertainment company which is to remain unnamed." And I was like "Crap, that sounds like something Johnny's would do."

So it basically went on to say that Youtube was dealing with copyright infringement problems, and that they could possibly get into some legal turmoil.

So I just checked Youtube and half of my favourites (mostly Kat-tun perfs) are gone. Also, searching "kat-tun real face" wields MUCH fewer results than it used to. D: So I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that it was Johnny's that did this...?

Has anyone else heard about this?

I'm sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news. -.- And please delete this post if it isn't relevant enough to be here.
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To all Jin and KAT-TUN fans~! \^o^/

I may not be a huge fan of KAT-TUN, but at the same time, I could really feel the impact that Jinsan's hiatus had on the KAT-TUN fan community. xc So i made some Jin icons for everyone~ ^ ^ Jin will be abroad for about half a year, so please stay strong until then ne! >o<g 

Uwa, this is my first time posting up icons o_o" I hope you like them ne! ,,>__<,,

p r e v i e w :
AKAME memories...       

*huggles all KAT-TUN//Jin fans in sight x3*



Collapse )

 Let's all be able to say 『じゃね!きおつけて!』 to Jin and support him with a smile, ne! ^__^

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GD Tokyo

(no subject)

Hi there! :)

Decided to show off here too :)
I made myself a KAT-TUN shirt yesterday ^_^

:D sorry for the crappy picture. My phonecam is kinda iffy. But hey, you get the idea right? XD
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Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

Hey, it's me again :D

Uploaded Tatta Hitosu no Koi with Chinese Subs at my LJ...

I also have Kaizokuban DVD Rips, 600MB of KAT-TUN songs, My Boss My Hero, 24 hour TV and some other stuff...

click here if interested

and do you guys till want me to keep uploading the Chinese subbed version?
Or would you rather wait for the English subs?