October 21st, 2006

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MOD: New Layout Among Other Things.

NEW LAYOUT~! I am so pleased with the coding this time, though majority of it is muchos credited to premade_ljs. *nods* Check their community out. Also, UPDATED COMMUNITY RULES! If you recall, amestyle mentioned about the rules going a revamp. Well, they've been revamped, with minor and major changes. Please read through them thoroughly.

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angel_9_lives posted this up earlier, but again, just for clarification and advertising purposes: SUPPORT JIN Project and SUPPORT KT-TUN Project. As for your questions regarding the two projects, please go to the project's respected post, and we'll try our best to answer your questions! ;)

The community layout contest is still going on. I'm thinking of extending the dates by a week because there's only one entry so far. :(

P.S. Is it just me, or are the link colours too light?
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Real Face #1?...version from Happy!

Hi I'm new here...minna yoroshiku

yeah...and for my first post here I have a request

does anyone have the song 'Real Face' in like a rock version. I just watched 'Happy!' and the song that played at the end was slightly different. It was 'rockish' and a little faster maybe?! Don't know...does anyone have that version of 'Real Face'??

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[Wallpaper/Advertisement?]Akame communicates with bonds

Well.. As of today, I have an autumnbreak for 1 week >u<
Yay! Loads of free time to:
- Rewatch Gokusen 2♥
- Rewatch Anego♥
- Rewatch Kaizokuban♥
- Rewatch Nobuta wo Produce♥
- Rewatch Kurosagi♥
- ... Photoshop

Well... I just made a wallpaper/advertisement of Jin en Kame's latest DoCoMo! Let's all assume that our Jin is in New York X""D

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yuuwaku Kame

question about oversea purchase

a lot people ask me, and i don't even know the answer
so i wonder if anyone know.
does sites like amazon, yesaisa, cdjapan's oversea purchase
count in the sale number for ORICON?
cause many worry about our purchase won't help in their sale at all
i emailed amazon, but they haven't gave me a reply yet
so i just want to ask if anyone know...


I really need some help. My firefox history was deleted, and I can't find the post which "[SC]061008.avi" can be downloaded. The kind person uploaded it in MU and SS (in 4 parts), and also YSI.

I seem to have some memory block. Was it posted here in kattunlove or somewhere else?

Please help...>

New Member

I would like to intoduce myself to everyone.
My name is Yasmine and I'm 15 years old.
I live in the southern part of Sweden.
I first found out about Kat-tun from my "cousin".
That was in the beginning of the summer and now I hust love them.
My favorite first was Kame, then it was Jin and now it is Ueda.(I know, I change my favorite often)

Wow now thats done, been thinking to join now for a coule of months byt I didn't do it until now.

Well , pleas take cara of me. (Was supposed to write that in japanese but i don't know how it spells)
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Track listing for new single

I wasn't really sure so I thought I'd ask. Has it been confirmed anywhere what the track listing for the new single will be? CDJapan and YesAsia are being unhelpful. I want to know what the tracks are so that I can choose what version of the single I want. If Six Senses was on the regular edition I might be swayed ^^ .
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Deep In Maru's Heart...

I suddenly felt like dedicating something to KAT-TUN so I made a really huge banner. It is to showcase some lyrics from Nakamaru and Koki's song "One On One". I felt like it would be a messege from Nakamaru to Jin (for his hiatus) and for us fans, saying that they won't give up in their dreams, regardless of any situation, because they've gone through a lot!

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