October 19th, 2006

Frecher Engel

[fic]Distance, Two Daddies (2/?)

I was supposed to post the first fic yesterday, but I fogot >.< So I'm posting two at a time here, I hope you guys won't mind?



Title : Distance
Author : hochrot_engel
Rating: PG-13
Genre : Fluff? Ansgt? I can’t tell…>.< but I think it’s fluff ^^
Pairing: Akame!
Disclaimer : Never ever gonna be mine. But the story is mine XD
Summary: Jin’s leaving in a few moments, and Kame has to stop being obstinate for the sake of his love for the man.

Come step right up: The Natural Distance of Akame



Title: Two Daddies (2/?)
Author: hochrot_engel
Rating: PG-15?
Genre: crack, but will grow to fluff. Or so I think.
Pairing: Akame, slight Pikame? Could be. ^^
Disclaimer : They’re never gonna be mine
Warning : MPREG. Don’t tell me later you haven’t been warned!! *O*
Summary: Mr. X x Kame = Kame’s pregnancy. Now Kame will have to figure out who the father of the baby is, but could he handle the truth? ^^
Earlier Chapters: #1

Fake cut to my LJ : Never mess with a pregnant lady-err, boy, in this case.
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KAT-TUN's 3rd Single [Bokura no Machi de]

Hi everyone!!!  I know this was already announced in an earlier post, but I just got some more details on the single so I'd thought I would create a new post.

Here are the details regarding the new single so far.  All info came from KAT-TUN's official site.

Release Date: December 7th, 2006

Limited Edition [CD + DVD]  (1680 yen)
1. "Bokura no Machi de" ("Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" Theme)
2. Track title unconfirmed
"Bokura no Machi de" Video Clip

Regular Edition (First Press Edition) (1200 yen)
1. "Bokura no Machi de"
2. Track title unconfirmed
3. Track title unconfirmed (Bonus Track)
4. "Bokura no Machi de" (Karaoke)
5. Track title unconfirmed (Karaoke)
6. Track title unconfirmed (Bonus Track) (Karaoke)

Regular Edition (1050 yen)
1. "Bokura no Machi de"
2. Track title unconfirmed
3. "Bokura no Machi de" (Karaoke)
4. Track title unconfirmed (Karaoke)

* Limited Edition and Regular Edition will have different jacket covers.  Regular Edition (First Press) and Regular Edition will be similar.

edit:  Okay I looked back at the official site and it didn't exactly say regular first press and regular will have same covers.  (My bad.)  BUT, since it used the word "common" I kind of took it as being the same.  Just in case though I have modified this entry's info.
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October DoCoMo Promotions

DoCoMo has just released an ad campaign for the new 903i with KAT-TUN! Jin is still in it- I assume because it was too late to redo all of the promotions. But regardless, I'm glad there's still "new" Jin to fawn over. :X There is also supposed to be a CM, and I'm excited because they apparently didn't pull Jin out of it.

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Comments from various sources...

Just a few things that I gathered and translated about 10/12...

( Pi's entry )

( Akko-san's comments )
[Utawara + Minna no Terebi host, was in clips with Jin choosing actors]

( Toma's entry )

( Tat-chan's entry )

( Macchi comments, "Show results if you're a man" )
[Kondou Masahiko (42), well respected senpai from jimusho where KAT-TUN backdanced for him in countdown 05-06]

( Wakaba Ryuuya's manager Ichii Hiroshi's comment on his blog )
[Wakaba(Mogami) Ryuuya played Ueki Makoto in Nobuta wo Produce [aka the boy who asked Nobuta on a date] and Hoshino in My boss, my hero]

( Reporter Yamazaki Hiroyo's comments )
[The real side of the story. It just might make you better from the uwasa that's going around]

...the list might get longer...
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