October 17th, 2006

Got you

New member

Mama desu. 
I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi". 
I also wanted to thank all of you for sharing. 
That's all.

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The Prine.  His Throne.

2000+ Members!

Thank you all for supporting this community and keeping it going. We have reached 2000+ members! I'm so happy, thanks to everyones generosity and sharing and support! I hope this community still grows strong with even more members and love! *HUGGLES ALL!* This is our KIZUNA! XD

Hi everyone! :)

Of all the days that I could be hooked on KAT-TUN, Jin, Akame, all the youtube goodies and pic spam, it just HAD to be after Jin announced that he'll be going on a hiatus. Seriously, being a newbie during this very heartbreaking time is traumatic XD Buuut fandoms are fandoms. We. Will. Surivive!

[/end spaz]

-coff- Hello everyone! I'm Kane (yes, yes purely coincidental I swear! XD) It's my first time posting here in this community and let me just say that the past three days that I've been lurking has been the happiest of my life XD KAT-TUN goodies don't come by as easily here where I am, and if it weren't for this comm and all the generous people out here, I'd be going through a premature withdrawal.

Buuut before the medics come a-wheeling in, I have a question and a request...If...ano...that's all right ^^; Ignore if you wish, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've been looking for a downloadable file of THIS skit where the boys get into mischief at night. murasaki_stars was kind enough to point me to this link:

[ http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/5ek27 ]

...but being an idiot, I can't figure out why it doesn't want to download (aside from the fact that I don't understand Korean ^^;;). I've d/led the ClubBox download manager and all, but the file transfer doesn't want to move. I've been at it for half a day >< Maybe it works like BitTorrent? It needs "seeders"? Ah well. In any case, if anybody knows or has this file and can upload it somewhere more convenient, I will utterly love you for life! T_T

Oh! And throw in this:

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEyzbuTw818 ]

skit too! Jin in a pink nurse's uniform...I've seen it all @@

Now the second question:

I found this on faesunshine's gallery...Where did THIS goodie come from? OO Eto...that's not Jin...is it?

<---- noob. Beware.

Anyway, that's about it for now. ^_^ Again, thank you in advance and it's nice to meet you all!
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[Download] KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Live Concert 2005 in mp3 (HQ)

Hmm.. Yup.. everybody is shocked, because Jin's leaving... Including me ;_;
But no sad thoughts now ò.ó
GAMBARE! Our God will come back soon to save the K-T members =D
Then.. we'll be all happy again ò.ó
K-T Kizuna = unbreakable =D

But back to the subject. I was kinda bored so I searched around the Internet for a video-to-audio-converter. I downloaded a dvd-to-audio-converter.
I thought: "Let's be funny and rip the whole KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Concert 2005" ^_^

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(no subject)

Ah ! ^_^ Hello, I'm a member here, and have been for a couple of weeks, but I haven't had anything in particular to share... o_o; So...

I made these for my friend JessyLovesOrange, and I thought I should share with everyone =3

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だいすけ ♥ 

Junno on Shokura

Just a little short post to tell you guys that Junno will be appearing in the next episode of Shounen Club as a special guest! The episode will be aired on November 5th and the theme is 'Chance', produced by Senga Kento of Kis-My-Ft2. Junno will be performing his spring con solo 'Seishin'!~

If you're interested in what else will be going on in this episode of Shokura, check out this post on my journal.

As usual, Maru is one of the MCs, along with Kei. =D

hot and sexy KAME


i was intending to make the overview pic the cut itself. 
i hope resizing it to make it as a teaser is ok.

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Support Jin - Forum + Offsite visitors

Thank you to everyone that responded to this post. That post is now closed.

I'll make a post in a couple days to make sure I got all the information right, and then we'll move on from there.

Right now, this post is for people coming from Forums and websites, and for all the of the people that aren't on lj and still want to take part.

Please continue to spread the word to our friends in the forums, and if you are the OWNER of a forum or website that is interested in helping out, please email us at kattunlove.lj@gmail.com.


Mod Rikayla and I are working on something for Jin. If you are interested in a Support Jin project, Please read this.

Forum users and Offsite Visitors

This is going to be a translation project, so I need to know what languages, BESIDES English, that you are able to read AND write fluently, or at LEAST fluently enough to get the message across in the way it was meant to, or as close as your language allows.

The email address is at the end of this post, after you're finished reading, please email us with the languages you are fluent in, and make sure the words 'Support Jin' are in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please email us with the word 'Help' in the subject line. That will help me get to you quicker.

Since most of you that will be signing up now are probably NOT a member of the Kattunlove community, I need the name of forum/website/blog you came from (adding the url is optional), and Username at (forum/website/blog).

Forum/Website Owners/Bloggers

If you can spread the word on whatever forums you post to, websites you own, blogs you write, we would really appreciate it^_^. You can direct link this post, so there's no extra work for you.

We want this to be big. This post is open to the public so anyone who wants to help can comment, but they MUST leave their email address.

Thank you to everyone who's participated so far.

Right now, we are ESPECIALLY in need of speakers of THESE languages:

Alphabetical Order:

arabic ( 6 )
dutch ( 5 )
finnish ( 10 )
Hebrew ( 3 )
hmong ( 2 )
hungarian ( 8 )
indonesian ( 6 )
Italian ( 8 )
Korean ( 1 )
Malay ( 11 )
Norwegian ( 4 )
Polish ( 4 )
Portuguese ( 4 )
Russian ( 14 )
Slovenian ( 1 )
Swedish ( 8 )
Tagalog ( 10 )
Thai ( 6 )

The number in ( ## ) is how many we have right now. We need at LEAST 15 in each though, cause I'm sure not EVERYONE is going to want to, or be able to translate as much as we are probably going to need.

Email [ kattunlove.lj@gmail.com ]

~Angel [mod]
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