October 16th, 2006

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Kattun based Fic

Title: A Plan of all Plans
Author: meela2389
Pairing: PiDa (yes that means Pi x Ueda) and a bit of Akame
Genre: fluff, romance ^^
Rating: 14A
Status: 1/? (i might continue it if people like the PiDa pairing)
Discalimer: ...need i say anything at all?
Summary: Jin comes up with plan, that includes training Pi to fill his spot, using Ueda as a prop o.0 but of course, the rest of Kattun is against it, and realize, it's simply Jin's way of showing them what he truly means.

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KAT-TUN Love for everyone

Hello there fellow KAT-TUN fans. I have been a member of this community for a while now (did an introduction post). I know the news about Jin and his decision have been quite of a shock to all of us, but I must say that I'm also deeply happy for him, since he now gets to do something he really wants to do despite JE. I know he used to hate studying really really much and dropped high school, so I'm happy that he loves studying languages so much now that he want to practice them abroad. I hope he announces the country he's going to and keeps on writing into his personal blog about how he's doing. We must all be happy and supportive and love him even more since he's brave enough to make such big decisions. ^^

So to make you (or hopefully at least one person) here to feel little better, I decided to share my personal "KAT-TUN Love" file for all of you. It contains all my official (or not so) "slashy" KAT-TUN pictures I have found until this day. I have collected them from different forums (from here too ^^) and web pages due times. Here's the summary of the contents:

-Akame (Jin/Kame) - 21 pictures
-JinDa (Jin/Ueda) - 28 pictures
-JunDa (Junno/Ueda) - 7 pictures
-KaKi (Kame/Kouki) - 15 pictures
-KameDa (Kame/Ueda) - 13 pictures
-KameNo (Kame/Junno) - 2 pictures
-Maru/Jin (Nakamaru/Jin) - 4 pictures
-TakaNishi (Kouki/Jin) - 8 pictures
-TaNaka (Kouki/Nakamaru) - 6 pictures
-YuMe (Kame/Nakamaru) - 9 pictures
+ one screen cap of Kame doing pervy things to a random Jr. xD

So it's a bit over 100 pictures. ALL credits goes to the ones who shared the pictures in the net first. Please feel free to take them and laugh your head off. I uploaded it into YouSendIt and into MegaUpload in case someone's computer hates either one. Edit: Sendspace link also added! Here's the links:
I hope we'll all get genki and over the sadness of Jin's hiatus soon. ^^ May he be happy whatever he does in his life.

P.S: May I make one request? I found some JinDa screencaps from jboys_evidence and I'd like to have those performances. Here's the link to those screencaps:
The preformances are from:
-Minna no Terebi 7.09.2005 got this one too, thank you! ^^
-Shounen Club 18.09.2005 managed to find that one, thanks for the tip! ^^
If someone has those and would like to share, I'd be really happy.

Plus I downloaded once this one live of Jin's Pinky, but the ero dance with Kouki wasn't in the film! If someone has the FULL version of this film, would you like to share?

That's about it. I'm sorry that it became such a big entry. Be genki ne. ^_^

(oh, and if someone wants to share more 'KAT-TUN Love' here I at least would be happy ^^)