October 15th, 2006

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[fic]Two Daddies - (1/?)

Title : Two Daddies (1/?)
Author : hochrot_engel
Rating: PG-13
Genre : crack
Pairing: Akame, slight Pikame? Could be. ^^
Summary: Mr. X x Kame = Kame’s pregnancy. Need I say more? ;)

Notes : Hi everyone~ I'm a newbie here (though I'm not a new fan of KAT-TUN). This is my first attempt of writing fic since the last time I wrote one...which was about half a year ago. So I warn you for the crappiness. Hope you enjoy it though ^^

Discover a new fact of Kame...
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Entire KAT-TUN on hiatus?

x_x Ok, if this is irrelevant and just stupid of me, feel free to delete my post.

However. A friend of mine who is in Japan at this very moment, told me that her mother had seen KAT-TUN on the news. She only recognizes, by name, Kame and Jin, and she said that those two were there, together with two other boys (- not so hard to understand, two boys weren't there).
Well, her mother doesn't understand japanese, so she asked a japanese man who knew english to quickly translate the importance of the interview.
And from what he had recalled, someone in KAT-TUN (she still doesn't know the name, but called him longhaired, could it be Uebo or Junno, possibly?) had ended up in a fight with someone else (not in the band or Johnny's) and got assaulted?

As a result of this, they also said that KAT-TUN will most probably go on a hiatus as well.


This sounds like just too much, after what has happened to Jin.
I am not sure if it's true, because I haven't read it anywhere yet, and I feel like it should be topline headnews all over the place. After all, didn't they decide to go out with "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" anyways? But I don't know? I hope it's not true, of course.
Sadly enough, she doesn't know what kind of newsprogram/channel it was on, or anything like that.
.. I have been awake for 27 hours, so if this message is totally insane, blame my tired brain.

Please give me your thoughts upon this. You've heard anything?

edit: Ok, to those of you who just find it nice to bash this, my source or reliability, I already stated that the reliability isn't so big. I just got freaked out when I heard it, and assumed the possibility of it being true, if it was aired on japanese television. However, from those of you who have posted and who says you haven't heard about it, that is strange, and i personally hope this is just a rumour, and no, on another notice, I do not just want to "stir up imo", i'm on a freaking hiatus but felt like sharing something.
So. Sorry if this topic was too emo for you guys, and I didn't know it wasn't appreciated to discuss rumours and possibilities here, so please. As this seems to much for you, feel free to delete. I am going to continue to hope that her mother was wrong, and that Jin's hiatus is the only (devastating) thing that will affect KAT-TUN for the near future. Thank you, be good, and good night.
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[request] Gokusen 2 promotional stuff

So here's the thing. I need to get Gokusen 2 off of my computer. Both for the much needed harddrive space and because it's doubtful I'll be able to watch the show anytime soon without wanting to punch walls. (Me? Bitter over Jin's hiatus?! Never!) Anyway, the first 8 episodes fit on one disk so that leaves me with 9, 10 and the reunion special thing. AND ABOUT TWO GIGABYTES OF EMPTY SPACE. I don't want to waste that free space, so I'm here to request any and all Gokusen 2 promotional clips (preferably in avi format). Zoom In Super clips? Anything?

It would be lovely if y'all could upload anything that you have or point me in the direction of places I could download such clips. Clubbox is fine. I don't really want/need anything that was released on the official R2 dvds since I'll be buying those as soon as I have some spare cash. And I also already have the clip of Kame's birthday thing (which I'll upload if anyone else wants it). I know there has to be other stuff out there. I just have no idea where to look for it.

Edit: Kame's 19th Birthday clip

Uh... as a bribe? *rummages through pockets* Akame haiku?! Yeah, I got nothin'. Except for my extreme gratitude for anyone who can help me out.