October 14th, 2006

Jin's interview with NTV NEWS ZERO (A little different...)

Just finished watching the interview on television.

It seemed a little tense in the beginning but when Nakamaru and Taguchi showed up, it was pretty lighthearted and it looked like Jin felt a lot better having his fellow members with him and Jin kept joking around with questions.

They mentioned Kamenashi, and his little note to Jin and Jin laughed, and apparently they had a heavy and deep conversation on the phone the night before that was sort of like a goodbye. They also mentioned Koki, and his note to jin saying that he wanted Jin to work hard and he (koki) himself would work hard until Jin returned and Jin said that by that time, Koki's hair would've probably grown in (or something like that...)

Then they tried to say K?t-tun without the A and it sounded funny and everyone laughed. Then Taguchi and Nakamaru said that they didn't need to pronounce it differently because they weren't changing the name...Because Jin is still part of the group and Jin smiled a really happy smile at that which made me happy. And he sticks his tounge out. Twice, I think. wtfomgbbq. It seems pretty light hearted, though this *is* JE we're talking about and they're a bunch of cold hearted bastards who treat their idols like crap (Not paying them enough/ messing with their lives) but things look a little better than before and I'm willing to hope that Jin might come back as he said he has no intention of leaving Kat-tun at all.

That's about it. Sorry for the loose translation everyone!

Edit: Though it's hard to say so, I really hope this won't affect the fandom too much because they're still a group and they're still Kat-tun, no whatever what. Jin says he's only leaving for a little while and I hope everyone supports him even if he doesn't! He's got five very good friends backing him up and I think as fans, we should do just the same! I'm glad everyone's sharing their emotions with one another, and though I may sound sappy and lame, I hope that we can cry or smile or laugh together as a fandom! I love you guys ♥
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[trans] Jin's press conference

Here's a translation of the press conference. I hope it is okay that I make another post? Or should I have posted this in one of the discussion threads? I'm not sure, so if I'm making a mistake by posting this extra, please forgive me and take any action you deem necessary! If you think I should use the "remove comment feature" option so that discussion takes place in the designated threads, please tell me.Collapse )

JIN love

minna-san, i uploaded a number of JIN solo songs. also included are extracts of AKAME's performances in Shounen Club before thier debut. also sharing some extracted mp3s of KAT-TUN's performances with NEWS and KANJANI8.

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Portuguese fans?

Hi minna! I'll not say anything regarding the latest news, since I know there's threads for that already. But I have to say that it hurts a lot and it's difficult to listen to their music without tears coming (especially while listening to "care").

I'm from Portugal and I was wondering if there's any other portuguese fans out there? I feel kind of lonely, because the only KAT-TUN fans that I know are from other countries. If there are any portuguese fans here, please reply to this post and let's chat and share. Thanks.
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first for everything...

So this is my first time posting here. I've been a long time lurker (>_<)...
I haven't worked with Photoshop in such a long time, but I decided to attempt to make a desktop wallpaper which I haven't done in uhm... A long time?
Anyway, with the whole Jin thing, I decided "Why not a Jin wallpaper?" This is what was created.




Oh, and nice to meet you all. I'll try to be more active in the future ^^;
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Hello ((:

Hey minna! My name's Jo and I'm from Singapore. I'm new to LJ and also to this community. I'm 14 this year. I've decided to create an LJ account because I wanted to join in for the support Jin project! I've been a KATTUN fan for about half a year already! It's easy to tell which is my favourtie member in KT ... because my username kinda tells it all!

I first knew JE through a friend of mine who begged me to watch Nobuta in which I did and I fell completely in love with Shuji-kun! And now, I have a major obsession with KATTUN. I'm also a fan of Kanjani8 and News. But I love KATTUN most ((:

Jin's hiatus was a complete shock to me in the beginning, but I came to terms with it eventually. ( I kinda sank into a major depression mode after hearing about the news ) I love akame too! Even though I wish for Jin all the best, a part of me is still reluctant. I find it hard to read akame fics now.

I hope to make more friends in this community and we can go crazy fangirling together!

Okay this is finally done. I can't say how much it is a relief. I'm quite a shy person so yeah ((:

And one more thing , sorry if this is boring!
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Kame and Haruka

Hi everyone

I got some Kame and Haruka pics 

Just one pic for Haruka *lol*

And when I said I got… that doesn't mean I scanned them ^^; 

The same was when I posted some KAT-TUN scans from Duet, Potato and wink up magazines

 I didn't scan them

Anyways, thanks all for your comments
Now I'm downloading Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
It's right now 91% …..10 more minutes ^_^

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