October 13th, 2006

Wu Zun From Fahrenheit


Edited: Most of the files I have are uploaded on CB cos it's the easiest server to upload to (for me), but I will be uploading the clips to other servers within these few days. Meanwhile, those who would like to make mirror links to other servers, feel free to do so. Thanks! =) 

And erm..sorry if the title seems a little offensive. Btw, I decided to make this a public entry so that more people can access these clips =)

Hi people! Since we can't stop Jin from leaving, I guess the best we can do is to remember him and wait for him to come back. ^.^

I think perhaps one way to remember him is to share all sorts of clips related to him (special and interesting moments, e.g carshrimp, etc),the songs that he sang, his wallpapers, icons etc. So whenever we miss him, we can just watch those clips, listen to those songs and look at those pictures. =)

I will be uploading some files that I have within this few days (not uploading today, cos it's already 2.15am.). I think it would be great if all of us share our collection here. I will try to update the first post regularly (It would be great if ktlove mods can help out too ^.^).

I have also made a special folder for Jin in the johnnyjr clubbox (It's under the KAT-TUN folder, titled "REMEMBER JIN PROJECT"), so you girls (and guys) can upload clips there too if ya all know how to do it. =) The CB links would be permanent =)

I started this project in BNS (but only members with 10 posts and above can see the thread..sorry!) too..=) Hopefully this "Remember Jin Project" would be successful!!


Xmas- Jin screams like a girl.mpeg (CB) by kokichan
24hr TV Jin embarressing scenes (CB) by kokichan
CM - SEA BREEZE Body Shampoo Young Jin(15s).mpg (CB)
Ero Dance + Care Fan CamVersion 1 (CB), Version 2 (CB),Version 3 (CB)
Pinky Fan cam Version 1 (CB),Version 2 (CB)
Dream boys fan camSinging Care (CB), Singing Ha Ha (CB), Singing Sore Zore no Omoi (CB
Waking pple up together with Kame (CB
Kaizokuban Fan CamJin pulling Kame back into the cage.MPG (CB)
CM ROHTO lip balm with Nakamaru 15sec (CB)
Dorky Jin knocks into camera (CB) Dorky Jin walks into the camera (MU) by rythem_of_logic
Jin does a very high pitched scream (MU) by rythem_of_logic
High pitched scream again (MU) by rythem_of_logic
Funny clip - the members have to ask stranger to see how much money they have in there wallets and Jin asks a tourist who doesn't know japanese (MU ) by rythem_of_logic 
Jin ero dance - Jin does a very sexy dance (MU) 
 Video containing various clips of Dorky Jin (MU) by rythem_of_logic 
Subsequent clips are contributed by neahime 
Jin speaks english "I am punch"(MU) 
Infamous car shrimp clip (MU) 
Jin slaps Junno (with an adorable look on his face) (MU) 
Jin making faces, he's just too kawaii. :D (MU)
 Jin's learning ballet. You have to watch it until the end. Cause the end is the best.(MU) 
Jin dressed as a leopard, almost naked. Watch it. (MU) 
Jin imitates Nino. Watch it watch it, you get to see jumping Jin waving his arms.(MU) 
Jin hugs Hikaru in a pool. Very bad quality, but you get to see a little bit of naked jin hugging party, it's so cute. (MU) 
Jin is late, see him apologize for his life :D (MU)


Fan Vid Tribute to Jin - angellove.wmv (CB) ,MU mirror
Fan vid of Jin by kyo_yuy.wmv (CB)
Fan Vid - a compilation of Jin moments for his 22nd birthday 

Shared by aysha_aka
 Akanishi Jin - Sore Zore no Omoi.mp3 (SS) 
Akanishi Jin & Ryo - Ai No Katamari.mp3 (SS) 
Akanishi Jin - Murasaki.mp3 (SS) 
Akanishi Jin - Hesitate.mp3 (SS) 
Akanishi Jin - Care.mp3 (SS)


1 wallpaper by heckler0 
1 wallpaper by kakitani 
1 wallpaper by aysha_aka


Icons and 1 wallpaper by miyalumix 


lots of jin's gif by manonpikamishi
pic spam by ruareyou 

PS: I am not cross posting to other jin-related LJ, since I think most of the people in those communities are also members of ktlove community =)
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(no subject)

New in this district.
Jin's on hiatus??!!!
Just when I realised the love of KAT-TUN?!

I'm here with a huge request of KAT-TUN media, although it seems like no one really is in the mood here to upload.
But I need more KAT-TUN LOVE! >_<

Can I request for an upload (ONLY ON YSI PLEASE) of KAT-TUN's whole discography? (albums/singles, video etc...)
More to JIN!!!, Ueda and Kame's solo works.

I have only:
-Real Face
-Seishun Amigo

-Infamous car shrimp video
-I am punch
-[CM] 1st in NYC

**Is there a kat-tun version of arashi's tomadoinagara?
Jin and ueda did it in a live.

Sorry for the sudden bomb of request. >_<
/sort of bribes here
Young Akame
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[fic] Together as One

Title: Together as One
Characters: KAT-TUN
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Fluff, humour
Summary: KAT-TUN were preparing themselves for the next photo shoot in their dressing room, all busy making last touches. T-TUN finally found out the secret Jin and Kame had kept for awhile now.
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. I'm still upset now but I feel much better than yesterday. Sigh~

KAT-TUN - Together as One

Wrote this last night and though I was too depressed midway, I still managed to complete it. It's quite short but hopefully this will make everyone feel better.


Translation of KAT-TUN all member`s comments (some snapshots of confrence upped)

This is a translation i did with the comments up on Johnnys Net

and 4 miserable shots off mt tv of the press confrence

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Collapse )

thats it, they just nailed the coffin.
i will forever be a KAT-TUN fangirl till the day i die.
i love all of them so so much.
i can really feel their love and understanding for Jin...

but jin, why did you say please continue to support the five of them?
what about yourself..?
why didnt you say KAT-TUN or six of us...
why did you have to isolate yourself away from KT-TUN... T-T

i sincerely pray my laptop keyboard is waterproof. i havent cried this hard for quite sometimes. wait to hear my wailings in 20 minute when the press confrence is aired.

x-posted like mad.


hi i was wondering did anyone have an mp3 rip of the song Jin was singing in the first disc of Dream boys of this year? It was kind of rap like and he was being dirty....like always? XD thanks

(no subject)

Just got word that Jin will have a presscon tonight.
Please wait for confirmation.


it was announced at the end of TBS' entertainment news (around 18.40)  that Jin had scheduled a presscon tonight. However it was not clarified if it will be broadcasted tonight.

List of evening news show:
NTV's News Zero 23.40-24.35
TBS' News23 23.40-24.45
Fuji TV: 23.58-25.05
Report Station:21.54:23.10

edit// 9.19 PM JAPAN TIME

Source: News Zero HP

Pretty Sailor Kame♥

(no subject)

Konichiwa!! I'm Tira, currently in high school. I am a new fan of KAT-TUN and new to LJ too..and if you ask me which member I like most, I would die just trying to choose; it simply cannot be done!! I RABU THEM ALL!!  
The news regarding Jin on hiatus recently has SHOCKED me. I've been a KAT-TUN fan for not very long and suddenly one of the members won't be participating in the group anymore!! >.<

I know that everyone is very very sad about Jin leaving the group and that everyone is probably so sad from reading all the Jin news and you don't want to read anymore, but i found a short news article on Yahoo Taiwan about this matter. I have translated it

Collapse )

A little more about

Collapse )

Now, I will stop boring you!! *poof! disappears*

*poofs back* I hope we can be friends!! Bye bicycle~

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The Prine.  His Throne.

To Akanishi Jin -- Farewell but not goodbye!

If you want to discuss about this situation (Jin going on hiatus) please stop posting anymore single posts (in the comm.) about it. Either discuss it in one of the threads that already exsists or in this thread. Unless you have news clips to upload, please don't make any new entries. Posting YouTube links to videos also don't need a new entry unless you have it for download. Also, translations can have new posts! Thank you all! I think I've mentioned something like this before.

As to how I feel about this situation. It's really up to Jin and I'm not looking into any other reason as to why he is leaving. I'll just take it like they say it is -- he's going to study overseas and he'll be back. I will chose to believe those lieing bastards. So until then, I will continue to support KAT-TUN as I can and will. They are still a 6 manned team! I wish Jin and KAT-TUN luck and happiness in all their doings!


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arashi // nino &lt;33

Q&A with Jin.

For those who can read jap, the rest of the members have responded to the whole thing:
Collapse )

Here's a interview they did with Jin:

Collapse )

Chi translation:

credits: aklove

Brief translation by me:
Q: when did u decide to go study overseas?
A: since 17 to 18 years old.
Q: why go overseas to study?
A: I've been always interested in many different languages from diff countries(not just english). very hard to say
Q: So it's not because of rumours (with opp sex)?
A: Nope.
Q: when did you tell the rest of KAT-TUN?
A: After 24h TV
Q: And their response?
A: They say that I should do what i want to do. I'm sorry to both the members and JE, but hope that they can understand.
Q: How long?
A: temporarily half a yr, but depends on what happens.. It's very hard to say now.

(Maru and Junno appeared halfway too..)
(and Jin confirmed that he won't be quitting the group or leaving forever.)
updated: 2006.10.13 22:18
DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight



Do NOT comment unless you are replying to a message from ME, angel_9_lives, or one of the other mods.

Thank you to everyone that answered. Please make sure to pass the word on to your friends in the forums, and if you are the OWNER of a forum or website that is interested in helping out, please email us at kattunlove.lj@gmail.com


Ok, this is very important everyone.

Mod Rikayla and I are working on something for Jin. If you are interested in a Support Jin project, Please read this.

Forum users and Offsite Visitors

This is going to be a translation project, so I need to know what languages, BESIDES English, that you are able to read AND write fluently, or at LEAST fluently enough to get the message across in the way it was meant to, or as close as your language allows.

The email address is at the end of this post, after you're finished reading, please email us with the languages you are fluent in, and make sure the words 'Support Jin' are in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please email us with the word 'Help' in the subject line. That will help me get to you quicker.

Since most of you that will be signing up now are probably NOT a member of the Kattunlove community, I need the name of forum/website/blog you came from (adding the url is optional), and Username at (forum/website/blog).

Forum/Website Owners/Bloggers

If you can spread the word on whatever forums you post to, websites you own, blogs you write, we would really appreciate it^_^. You can direct link this post, so there's no extra work for you.

We want this to be big. This post is open to the public so anyone who wants to help can comment, but they MUST leave their email address.

Thank you to everyone who's participated so far.

Right now, we are ESPECIALLY in need of speakers of THESE languages:

Alphabetical Order:

arabic ( 6 )
dutch ( 5 )
finnish ( 8 )
Hebrew ( 3 )
hmong ( 2 )
hungarian ( 8 )
indonesian ( 6 )
Italian ( 8 )
Korean ( 1 )
Malay ( 10 )
Norwegian ( 4 )
Polish ( 4 )
Portuguese ( 4 )
Russian ( 14 )
Slovenian ( 1 )
Swedish ( 7 )
Tagalog ( 9 )
Thai ( 6 )

The number in ( ## ) is how many we have right now. We need at LEAST 15 in each though, cause I'm sure not EVERYONE is going to want to, or be able to translate as much as we are probably going to need.

Email [ kattunlove.lj@gmail.com ]

~Angel [mod]
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Press Conference Screencap

Collapse )

He doesn't look genki enuff. 
My head is spinning. 
Please leave a msg if u're bringing this to other places. 

hehe. do check back here if u like =) i'll be updating and editing this post time to time whenever i see new pics or infos 

anyways. something to make this happier =) 
The reporters asked Jin what he would like tobe when he's back. 
he answered : President >.< 

LOlx. dun worry ne~ jin is genki yo~ 
The interview is not too bad. quite light hearted. Maru joked with jin !

AK - tell me

[youtube links] Jin's press conference 061013

Hi all.

This is the first clip I found from youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b55tQ8dfN7Y (47s)
Strangely, it makes me feel a lot better.

ETA1: LONGER clips
I love that kind girl.
Please, leave a comment at the yt pages to thank her if you can k?
I think she deserves that much for uploading all that.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6-gtNl7rBo (2m57s)  - P1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkSRyFadp8g (2m18s) - P2


Uploaded by luvjin.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i06AgLWdmFM (5m50s)

Smiling Jin
(capped by cherryzh916)
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