October 12th, 2006

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[NEWS] Jin on Hiatus?!

Some of you may already know of it by now, but the Japanese media has just reported today that Jin will be going on hiatus for a few months. The reason as to why is unknown, but it is speculated that Jin wishes to take time off to study language (English?).

The situation in Japan now is very messed up, I believe both the media and the fans are in a frantic frenzy over this sudden and shocking news. Not just because Jin is going on a 3 month hiatus, but there are many other speculations that I... really don't want to believe.

[Edit @ 9.12 pm] Rumours: Jin's say on this matter

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In light of the sadness...

I bring some stuff to maybe make ya'll smile. In the form of every picture of Kame I have on my hard drive, which is *quite* a few.


I hope that link works, it's the first time I've used Livejournals photo galleries...

Enjoy and feel free to snag any you like.

EDIT: Changed the link, had the wrong one apparently. Meh
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suju porn


i know everyone is really depressed(now that jin is offically going abroad to study for at least 6 months), but i have a small request. do any of you have this picture (picture under cut) in a larger resolution?

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Official statement

Jin will really study abroad for half a year.


このたび、「KAT-TUN」 赤西 仁 は、海外に留学することとなり、当分の間、芸能活動を休止させていただくこととなりました。 突然の発表により、ファンのみなさま、関係各位には、大変なご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ございません。
 以前から 赤西 は海外で勉強したいという希望をもっておりましたが、「KAT-TUN」 は、まだデビューして1年も経たない新人であり、本人、事務所ともどもファンのみなさま、関係各位へのご迷惑を考えて、これまで延期しておりました。 しかし、若いうちに海外で勉強したいという本人の強い希望を尊重し、このたび半年間ではありますが、留学を認めることといたしました。 なお、学業の進捗状況により、留学期間が延長されることもございますので、芸能活動の再開は、今のところ未定とさせていただいております。
 今後、当分の間、KAT-TUN は、5人で活動させていただきますので、何卒ご理解いただけますようお願い申し上げます。

ETA: (rough translation)
It has been decided that Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) is going to study abroad. For the present, he will stop all activities. We apologize to the fans and everyone involved for the sudden announcement.
It has barely been a year since KAT-TUN debuted and they are still newcomers, Akanishi's wish to study abroad has been postponed so far. But in respect of his strong wish to be an exchange student while he is still young, he has been permitted to study abroad for half a year. As it is also possible that his studies might take a longer time than that, it is yet unclear when he will return.
[Further apologies]
KAT-TUN will continue with five members. We hope for your understanding.To support Akanishi in his devotion to his studies, there is no plan to publicly announce where he will study.
Jin Kiss

Jin Wallpaper

Erm... what can I say? I'm more productive when I feel sad? T__T
For those fearing that you'll be suffering from Jin withdrawal symptoms, here's a Jin wallpaper to help 'lighten' the symptoms? It's from his Docomo ad from an issue of Myojo. I meant to post it up earlier but was always lazy... Posted at my journal. Douzo!

( let's all go to helicopter sky?! )
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All the best, Jin

I'm sure we all know that Jin's hiatus as been officially confirmed. It has been posted to Johnny's official net as follows:


I know this is a shock for all Jin and KAT-TUN fans, and there are still many rumours circulating around regarding the true reason behind Jin's hiatus, although JE has announced it to be Jin's wish to study abroad. I'm sure both the Jimusho and Jin have struggled with this decision for a very long time, and they'll try their best not to let us supporters down.

No matter what, I will always support Jin and support KAT-TUN, and I know although many of you are very shaken up by this, I truly hope we will stay strong.

Cheesy as it sounds, KAT-TUN KIZUNA FOREVER! And most importantly, cheers to the happiness of our 6 boys.
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chi translation of official statement.

Hey everyone, in case anyone needs a chinese translation of this article (http://www.johnnys-net.jp/artist/info/popup_akanishi_oshirase.html), I've got one here:


credits to http://www.akanishicn.net/

I haven't got the time for an english translation yet, but then until Jin comes back... Let's continue to support him and the rest of KAT-TUN!

1 jin wallpaper!!

1 jin wallpaper and another in the works...[DONE!]...^^ take as you like...=]
keep smiling! Jin will return!! [and with better engrish!!! XD...hopefully...>___>]

"cheerful"...jin knows best! XD