October 9th, 2006

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Hello! I joined this community a few weeks ago but realized I hadn't introduced myself. I'm pretty new to KAT-TUN and JE (discovered them through NwP), but I've quickly become addicted.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know some fellow fans! ^-^
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Hello everyone!!

I just joined this community and it's my first time posting here *waves* 
I have read for a while but never posted.... *lol *
every things here are great  
I like to read fanfic alot >>>>> the pairing should be Akame 
ummmm actually i read most
of the them 8DDD 
opss I didn't say the most important thing !!!
I love KAT-TUN >>>> *Baka me*  that should be first
I like Kame above the others in KAT-TUN ...he's damn gorgeous n cute ^ ^
I'm looking forward to posting in this community,it looks great.I also want to know all of you.Thankss. :D
 hahahahah I talked alot ^ ^!!

ok here's KAT-TUN pics from some Magazines ( Duet 11 and Potato 11) 

they are in my LJ 


Enjoy ^ ^

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hi i'm soooo srry for asking more question and requests...i was just wondering....for the utawara "Oyako de Dance" isn't there another one after since Yunne-chan's family won? cuz in youtube KAT-TUN's performing Signal and u see new people dancing behind...here's the site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoiJxaVpnF8 .... if anybody happens to have the whole thing please post the links..please and thank you very much! ^_^!
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Some KAT-TUN downloads for ya!

I find that it's so much easier to use livejournal as a website than actually getting a domain, so as you all should know, Biased Distiny is closing down but to keep it going in another way, I'll be using livejournal as a place to share stuff with you guys. I've seen a lot of this going on and I thought I'd be cool and easy so I did it too. ^^;; Although Biased Distiny will be up for a few more months, I've already started to upload things to my lj post = kat-tun download @ amestyle, so anyone that is interested can go and download whatever is there. It's a public journal so you won't be missing anything if you're not on my friends list! ^_^

And welcome to all the new members! I've seen someone new pop in everyday or something and I've lost track of you guys but thank you for joining the community. I hope all of you have lots of fun! Don't forget to abide by the rules and read them again soon 'cause they are in the process of being revamped.
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Icons Galore!

Hey Hey!

Been seeing so many icons update lately that i can't resist to make my own! Scans are from Duet and Potato Issue 11, thanks to x_angle_x!!

I'm bringing you:
x18 KAT-TUN Icons!

But first..enjoy these Teasers first!

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