October 8th, 2006


Hey Minna aka KAT-TUN lovers!

Since i just joined this community i thought it only fitting to write and intro.
Well i love KAT-TUN...so much in fact it's causing me to go broke lol. I love everyone of them but i have to admit that im a big Koki fan.Anything else about me you can kind on my Lj or just ask ^^.

I look forward to making bunches of friends and many conversations <3
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[clips: Ha-Ha and Six senses]

Utawara Ha-Ha live
uploaded it for somebody who requested before~Feel free to download if you haven't got it yet~
really nice clip, including She Said and a bit of talk at the end.


Six Senses live
In case that somebody hasn't got it. One of my top favs among all kt lives.

got both files from Baka no sekai's clubbox

and found a pretty Jin pic to share^^
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Hello! I joined this community a bit ago, and failed to introduce myself. I became addicted to KAT-TUN by way of a student of mine. I taught high school last year, and one of my favorite students had Jin plastered all over her folder. She would come by after school and play me their music....one thing led to another and *poof*- - I'm an addict. I love this group so far ~~ Thanks bunches!
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Akanishi Jin

Intro, Hi! ^-^

im new to this community and thought i should make an intro! ^-^
well I love KAT-TUN, i kinda just found out about them, or maybe not,
i found out about them 1 and a half month or 2 months ago xD
i got to know about KAT-TUN after i watched Gokusen 2, which Kame and Jin was in.
i saw Gokusen 2 and just thought that i had to find out more about them
and i found out that they were in a group called KAT-TUN, and i just fell in love with them ^-^V
my fave in the group is Jin xD (oh and my english may be a little bad at times xD)

i hope ill get to know some of you, and i know i will have fun ^-^
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Pic-Spam & Intro

I bring a little picspam ^_^ Uploaded some Maru and Kôki pics for a friend of mine (she hates the rest of KAT-TUN xD, but I'm still trying to convert her *lol*) and I thought, that I could share them here too ^__^ + some Kame piccies, because me is unable to neglect my babyturtle xD

(fake cut to my journal )

And I just realized, that I completely forgot to make an introductory post here, after lurking for... a few months ^.^;; So, here it comes:

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[Download] Hadaka no Shounen - Indoor Sports part 1 subbed

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Here is another subbed project for you all! I call this a welcoming present to all those new members that recently joined/introduced themselves! This means that the KAT-TUN fandom is growing neee? Yatta! ♥

Now go download~ You can't possible resist chibi Jin, chibi Kame, and chibi Koki with hair! :DDDDD It is rather weird seeing Koki with hair, but I'm sure everyone will manage somehow hahaa. :P Also, Akame hints are just about everywhere so watch closely for them! ^o~

(And you have to wonder why Kame denies going with Jin. I bet Koki knows.)
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Haaaai! I'm here with a new member post ^^

I noticed the post is quite long so I'll make it an el jay cut...sorry :)

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Well, that's it, hope I didn't bore you much. I won't be posting a lot, because I'm bad with finding videos or scans and stuff, but I'll try to comment more, 'cause I want to thank all of those nice people who keep me it touch with KAT-TUN! And please excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker *blush*

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*looks sheepish* I think I promised to post this... two months ago? Right after I posted the first part with Jin, Junno and Kôki. But then real life kind of happened. But well, here's the second part of the talk, Wink Up September 2006, Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru. Have fun! If you want to read the first part (and other translations), go to Hadaka no Johnny's! (*shameless advertising* And while you're there, check out our new pet project, the gossip corner! ^_^)

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kat-tun/je goods in shanghai?

hi minna-san!

hope everyone's doing great~

anyway i need some help regarding where to find JE goods in shanghai.. I'm going shanghai in november so i hope that i can splurge on JE fandom for my peeps and myself *cough* buy some JE stuffs back.

but unfortunately, i'm totally clueless where to find them. so, would really appreciate it greatly if anyone could offer some help~ :D thank you!
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