October 4th, 2006


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Firstly, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY UEDA!!! *throws confetti*

Okay, that aside, i have a question....does anyone know where i can find direct downloads for Gokusen season 2 english subs?

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[Arashi] Fireworks
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[x14] Tackey & Tsubasa
[x4] Domoto Koichi
[x11] NewS
[x14] Kanjani8
[x18] KAT-TUN
[x3] Arashi
[x3] Nagase Tomoya
[x2] Miyake Ken
[x4] Juniors (ABC, Kiriyama Akito, Yamashita Shoon)
[x2] WaT
[x9] Golf & Mike
[x1] My Boss My Hero
[x6] akihabara@DEEP
Total: 91

Kame - Peace <3

Happy Birthday Ueda!


I haven't been doing anything for the members' birthdays and so I decided that I'd draw a picture for them starting from now on. >.< (I need the practice anyawys =3=)

My scanner is a big bum and didn't pick up some of my shading so I'm sorry if some parts look more weird. T-T The shading around it was probably not picked up... *kicks scanner*

It's times like this when I wish I had a tablet >.> I hate writing any kind of kanji or hiragana with a mouse. ~.~  

Sorry about the lame preview but if I resize my pic any more it'll just become really grainy and impossible. =3= I already resized the actual pic by a lot. >.<

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Because it's Ueda's Birthday =))

Ueda finally turn 23 today =)) Since he is my favourite member from KAT-TUN, I made something with Adobe. Took the screenshots from the Real Face [ueda's version] PV and Signal PV to make them. I'm not that good with Adobe yet, but i'm still improving.

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[translation: Utawara report from a Jin fan on Oct 4]

feel like spreading some Jin love here cause nowadays it's really difficult to hear about him~

it's all about Jin in next Utawara show, and the song for kt live will be Miracle (Ani just told me that it's probably not Miracle but harukana yakusoku~)

hope this little translation won't be hard to read, as English is not my first language~*hides*~

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credit luvjin

and happy birthday Ueda princess~!!! I know it's Oct 5 already in Japan but I'm living at the other side of the earth, so I guess it still works~;P
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one of my most favorite Ueda pics~^^~
credit ihearyourtears

[banner + fanvid] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TACCHAN!!!!!!! & regarding Tatta Hitotsu no Koi Theme Song

*throws fairy dust around*

did a fanvideo of his sparkling performance > <

YSI link: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=BFE136E6597C002E

it is .mov format, so i think you have to watch with real player ^^
and the font is too small.. tsks.

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXEOSEdeykY

& a few days ago, i posted a picture i got from a jap site, in which showing a poster with the black tape over the part of the poster saying that KAT-TUN is singing the theme song, thus anyhow approaching at the conclusion that they are not singing the theme song but however, at today`s Press Confrence for Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, it was announced that KAT-TUN IS SINGING THE THEME SONG. But no news of release as single at this point.


source: http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/movie/36613/

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wheee! it's Ueda's birthday!! *throws confetti around* I wanted to draw something but i didn't finish it! I'll probably post it in the near future though! XD BUT, what i do have, is....a few scans!! ^^ 

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