October 3rd, 2006

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Hi everyone!

Firstly, may I be the first to with Ueda Tatsuya a most HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 4th! *cheers and throws confetti* Have a great one, Ueda-hime!

Next: a plea for help! I was browsing around Limewire the other day and stumbled across this picture of our beloved Junno:


I heard KAT-TUN had done a vampire photoshoot and I've been searching for the shots of KA-TUN, but I cant find them anywhere! If anyone knows, please tell me where i can get them. Thanking you in advance! *bows*
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Ueda's Birthday? EXCELLENT!! I finished coloring this just in time, then!

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Am more then happy with how these turned out. Last one I admit is a repeat that I had posted over at johnnydeppicons and thought to share here. Won 1st place at depp_stillness with it. So I hope you enjoy.
Let me tell you what's under the cut...

+ 1x - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
+ 6x - Kat-Tun
+ 3x - Hana Yori Dango
+ 1x - Misc
+ 4x - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoneix
+ 1x - Oguri Shun

Comments are love!
Read Rules and how to credit me before using any icons.
Resources: Here

This is a teaser

To the fake cut...sorry for the lack of title
sho and ohno

Kattun/ NewS fic

Title: All in my Head
Author: meela2389
Pairing: (koki X Kei) Kattun X NewS
Rating: pg 13
Genre: angsty kinda...well it's sad, but not like..really sad, and umm, some fluff? lol
Disclaimer: I don't own them T_T but it's ok, cause if i did...i'd be greedy hehe...*hides*
Summary: Koki is stupid. lol there ya go, and he hurts Kei, but it has a somewhat happy ending...lol with jin XD

Previous entries:

MaruNo - Random is a God

Kusa/Shige - A Second Chance

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hello all! im amy, recently turned 16 ^____^v i've joined this community like...A LONG TIME AGO BUT i was shy to post anything T_T
so anyways, this is my intro. post, yorrrroshiku!

ohh  i have a question already...^^" im going to Thailand next week for around a week and i want to know where i can get JE (mostly kat-tun) stuffs. can some one help me pwease?

and of course, i have gifts too ^__^ 3 icons and 1 friends only banner.


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and if im doing anything wrong, TELL ME. i will learn and change ♥
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Oh my I'm so happy,'tis Tatchan's b-day!! O(≧∇≦)O

I can't believe it's finally here. I'm bad at making graphics, drawing and stuff (like really bad) but still I did my best to try make a drawing *cough* . anyway let's celebrate. *dances around*

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