September 30th, 2006

Notti - Concert


Title: Popcorn, Kusa-no-man and the brain eating zombie
Pairing: Sort of KusaPin, but sort of not
Genre: Crack.
Warnings: There's a bit of a gory bit in the middle, but it's not really bad at all. Oh and spelling mistakes that i'm too lazy to check for. it's 1:45am leave me alone
Disclaimer: I don't own JE. I'm just waiting
Summary: Shadow puppets, popcorn, divas, zombies and super heros.
Comments: Prease to stop killing Jin?

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I'd like to request KAT-TUN member's solo songs (in mp3). I searched for this in archives, but all links were uploaded on YSI or SS and today all are expired. I'll be grateful for every song.
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