September 29th, 2006

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UTAWARA 2006.10.01 - Dance Competition Preview

[EDIT] Better quality Youtube links now avaliable. Thank you very much cherrylilwolf for the heads-up! ^_^

I saw some Youtube clips regarding the preview for the next Utawara episode in which KAT-TUN are "supporters" for the Family Dance Competition thing again (remember Jin and the little girl, Maru & Koki and the yoga sensei, Uebo and Junno being dorky housekeepers?) ♥♥♥

So anyway, what's there for us to look forward to the next episode?

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I finished 12 Nakamaru Yuichi icons for 10variations, and thought to share them with you.
Uhm, I used the sexiest pic of him I've ever seen *drools*, lookie lookie at his nipples <3 *being too pervert again* *fails being innocent*

x comment and credit if take please ^-^
x textless icons are not bases
x enjoy~


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New community.

A JE community for birthday/anniversary wishes from fans to our dear Johnny's. This is my first community, and with the help of chibimaruu, we managed to put it up all in one day.

Please do check it out. And sorry for all the pimping. ♥


X-posted, really sorry. D: