September 27th, 2006

Nuff said. :]

KAT-TUN ~ Medley Downloads!!

Hi Minna-San! :D Tsuyame againnn (do I ever go away?)~ this time I've got 4 videos for you! They're 4 of my favorite KAT-TUN medley performances (I just love KAT-TUN medley performances...) and are located at my journal~^o^ Sorry once again, but they're only YSI at the moment, I'll add the sendspace links soon, yakusoku desu. UPDATE!:: Sendspace links have arrived! :D

You should be excited because I have happy caps, too. :]

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[[No Matta Matta booty shake]] I love that. ;)

Haha, anyway~ >>to the DOWNLOADS!!!<<

Hopefully comment if taking? ^^v

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Hey everyone!!! It's Yuki again :D

Uploaded the Anego Special (chinese subbed) and some random KAT-TUN songs at my journal.
Also have 24hr TV (Chinese subbed), My Boss My Hero (Chinese subbed), Kaizokuban DVD rips and much more!!!

See this post for the full list of stuff that I have uploaded on this journal or

(follow the fake cut to my LJ...)

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