September 22nd, 2006

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[translation] Jin in November Myojo 2006

This is a translation of Jin's Q&A from the November Myojo. Please note that I'm not Japanese, and this translation is from luvjin's Chinese translation. Plus my Chinese is dodgy sometimes :D But I figured, any translation is better than no translation? If anyone finds anything majorly wrong with it just shout at me in the comments ^^

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Credit for scan goes to willaxl.

EDIT: Bolded questions have been edited. Will do rest later.
EDIT2: I've corrected them accordingly, don't hesitate to tell me more mistakes! ^^

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Would prefer if this weren't reposted elsewhere. It's a bit dodgy at the moment... :D?

First posting

hi...this is my first post here..
I don't have anything as introduction since i'm still learning how to make an icon.. In KAT-TUN's world, I'm still new too and i don't have much stuff about them. But I'm trying my best to help if anyone wanted some stuff as long as i have it.. Since I didn't have my own stuff, I'd put credit if I share stuffs..
thank you

Yoroshiku ne~~
seung biting g.o.


um.. can someone answer a few questions? I'm new to the whole Jr. thing and I'm confused.

People kept saying "KAT-TUN's last concert," that doesn't mean forever right. And KAT-TUN can make another cd?
Sorry if this soundas stupid to some people, but yeah. :)