September 20th, 2006

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hello :)
im selling a YamaP ,kame , jin photo set and a innochi promo pamphlet from the v6 con

i have other johnnys photosets and johnny pamphlets
please leave a comment with your email so i can email you if you are interested :) (i have pictures of what i am selling)

I will gladly accept Paypal or concealed cash (cash in registered mail)
Thank You :)

NTT DoCoMo Aug sold out
Johnny Jrs 2006-2007 Pamphlet Sold out
Kame Real face debut con official poster sold out
akame n kame glossy poster sold out
V6 Very BestII Promo Poster (1 piece only) from V6 very best cd stall at v6 concert.
Shuuji To Akira Seishun Amigo Very Rare Promo Poster.1 Piece only. Not available anywhere else.
Sayaendou by NewS, in stock, very little stock left as they are suspeneded, please comment quickly so i can get back to you :)
3 signals, 2 real face singles left.

-Screened to protect email addresses of buyers :)-
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SUMMARY Spanish Performance

I was wondering if anyone could give me the romanji name of the song that KAT-TUN performed at SUMMARY. It's one of the best performances in the show and I wanted to look for an MP3 rip of it ^^ .

Actually, if anyone has a romanji list of all the songs performed that would be great too ^^ .
The Prine.  His Throne.

BIASED DISTINY (website pimpage)

Hi minna, it's @me...duh! Anyway, I just wanted to pimp out my little website dedicated to KAT-TUN because it's going to be CLOSED in a few months. So go and get what you haven't gotten and if you've never seen my site...well, nows your chance! CHANCE! Woow, I'm hyper right now. Okay, shoo shoo...and sign the guestbook if you please even if it is closing down, it'll warm my heart. o^^o

Because KAT-TUN was/is the only way to go! YO!
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One question

I'm a bit confused now, and this might be a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway.

Is Dream Boy and Dream Boys two different things, or what's up with that? O.o
I've heard some of the songs from Dream Boys and they seem to be just the same as in Dream Boy, only a bit different. So why make another one that's just (or at least almost) the same?

Please explain .__.

(no subject)

hihi ^^ srry to bother again...i was just wondering if anybody has a bigger image of this user pic i have..(the kattun skulls!!!!!) it's soooo cute and i wanna print it out...thanks so much everybody...i appreciate it ^^!!!!
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