September 19th, 2006

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To the mod? Please erase this if it is not allowed. But I'd like to tell everyone about a new community where writer's and reader alike are welcomed. 

The community's name is je_chapters. 

This communty is about about MULTI CHAPTERED fanfics. So any story shorter than 2 chapter will not be allowed. Posting of pictures are also allowed with it's uses based on the user who want to post the pics. 

Please support this community. Thank you.

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the ripped mp3s of DREAM BOYS 2006?
I remember someone posting in on their LJ, no? But I can't remember where I could go to find it ^.^;;
I'm able to rip the songs, but I just dunno the song titles, so I was hoping to be able to find someone who has already ripped these songs with the song titles with them.
THANK YOU in advance. =]

And a's not much, but it's a Music Jump clip, with a small appearance from Bakanishi xD

[ Cutting to CAPS & DOWNLOAD ]

Nobuta wo Produce fics

Hello! *waves* I only really became aware of KAT-TUN's existence after I watched Nobuta o Produce and couldn't stop staring at Kame.

Anyway, this for anyone else who is also a Nobuta o Produce fan: 2 Nobuta o Produce fics! (ShuujixAkira)

Mine I wrote a little while back, you can read it at nobuta_power here.

And a wonderful friend of mine wrote me a NwP fic for my birthday. You can read peroxidepest17's great fic here. Permission from her was granted for posting.