September 15th, 2006

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[fanart] Pirate wo Produce (Pi/Kame)

I feel a bit silly posting this here seeing as I posted a prior version just yesterday, on another comm, and got zero comments. Either I suffer from seriously bad feedback karma, or this is a lot crappier than I think. :/

It's primarily Yamapi fanart, but it features Kame prominently - and even makes a blatant reference to his surname. :)

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Do you like it? Does it look like Kame and Pi?
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[Translation Request]

So I was quite surprised that the KAT-TUN goods set I bought has a lot of DVDs added for free, including the Real Face fancam for 4/29 (Oh, how I love their dirty mouths). And now I've become obsessed with searching for fancams because it feels like I really am there in the concert. Yes, weird, I know. And also illegal. So uhm, a little request to those who can translate this text:

Spring Tour06 Live of KAT-TUN Real Face 4/5 2部
高画質 ステージ向かって右側スタンド席 上田ソロ後から中丸マイクパフォーマンスまでカット Wアンコール目 グロリアとReal Face 2曲歌ってます 亀のウチワ事件があったと言われてる日の公演デス

Is this the one with the Yarashiki incident with Kame? I somehow want to see what really happened but I somehow don't want to because I might get angry again. Haha.

Also, cherrylilwolf told me about a Real Face con where Kame and Jin went out wearing only towels around their waist and Kame said he's not wearing anything underneath and the other guys were trying to take off Jin's towel. And then, when they were about to go off stage, Kame took off his towel's front part but he was facing away from the audience. Boo. XD
So uhm yes, she told me it was the 4/1 concert (if my memory serves me right) but which part of the day?

And can someone lead me to any interesting fan reports? I'm trying to weigh which fancam I'd get based on fan reports.

Please and thank you!
Kame - Peace <3

[Fanart] Kame

This is actually my first try at realism on computer. xD; I already stink badly with CGing and I think Kame has been telling me to seriously just stick to traditional art. >.>; I made it grayscale because I had to rush and make the hair a little funny and unmatching because OC's trial version expired before I could finish. =.=; Meh... So I finished it up rather quickly on photoshop (which I still have NO idea on how to use T-T).

It sort of looks like Kame xD not completely maybe but good enough for me. I'll try to draw the group with pencils/prismacolor/somethingnotcg next time. =3=;

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Info on Utawara 06.09.17

There will be Utawara (KAT-TUN) this Sunday right?  XDDD

Anyways, I went to this SITE to see what will KAT-TUN do this time... Apparently, they have a new segment called KAT-TUN presents! Mesaze! Las Vegas oyako de dance senshuken. I dont know if it's the right romaji... I think a parent and a child will dance (any genre is fine) and the winner for this week will receive 200 000 yen worth of domestic travel ticket. The grand finals winner will go to Las Vegas.

A KAT-TUN member will become a supporter  and it will back up the participating parent and child.

There are three pairs in this round. One pair will be supported by Koki and Nakamaru. One pair will be supported by Ueda and Junno. The last pair will be supported by Jin.

I just loosely translated it so feel free to correct me... :D

I don't know what Kame will do since I didn't see his name in the article...

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Hello minna ))
It's Keita/though i never introdused myself but still posted before...*blush*/

Yesterday i uploaded SC in my LJ (only KT, where all of them discuss their old perf, read fans’ letters etc) from 19-03-2006 and well...^_^ here it is~
feel free to download:
part 1
part 2
and part 3
Use HJ-split to join the files

Have a nice evening/day/whatever else =))


Ok In SAPURI EP 10 I KNOW I heard the second verse to the opening theme......Did you guys hear it? It was at the point where the smiled and gave a thumbs up in the beginning. Since there is a second part of this song i was wondering if anyone could find it yet? Thanks just curious! ^_^