September 14th, 2006

lolwut {sj}

Er...hi? x3

Uh, hi there ^_^; Eheh, I feel like a complete stranger doing this XD;
I've lurked this community for a while, but never really posted :/
Roar, anyways, I found out about KAT-TUN in June :3 My brother showed me the Real Face PV, and I liked it :3
So here I am today x3 *haha, yay for short introductions*
And about a month ago I took 402 (yes, you heard me right, 402) screencaps of SIGNAL XD;
So I have decided to share with the community :]
follow the URL

Can't wait to meet you all ^_^

hey everybody!

i have a request.

me and a friend are going to karaoke Shuji to Akira's "Seishun Amigo" at an anime convention starting tomorrow. she ordered the single but it didn't arrive in time, so we are looking for the karaoke version of the song as soon as possible! it would be great if we could do it tomorrow night, since it's my birthday.

could you please help us out and upload the song somewhere for us? we'll be very grateful! thank you!
I <3 hot pot

Downloads and (old) wallpapers

Just felt bored and uploaded all of the CMs that I have... (and they're all KAT-TUN! XD). And also some Ueda solos that I uploaded before but the links have yet to die.

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And also I feel that when I posted up my wallpapers last time that no one seemed to see them ('cause I linked to my site maybe?) so I was disappointed I didn't get any feedback, so here they are again.

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