September 11th, 2006

TFW - Team Free Will

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I suppose this is technically my 'new member' post, though I've been lurking for about a month downloading all the fantastic stuff you guys put up... so really I'm not new at all. (I have been commenting though! Thank you everyone for everything!)


Anyway, here's a mini pic spam of stuff I don't see people posting very often. Not rare ones I'm sure, but I do vouch for their sexiness.

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PS -- Could someone explain to me the definition of "visual porn" from the community rules? Does that just mean NC-17, or is it a different distinction?
I am


I read the rules and I hope that this is allowed.

A new J-rock Role Play has been made based on gang warfare and other fun things. Yaoi and all sorts of perversion are allowed. Please feel free to check it out.

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Piano Scores/Sheet Music Request ♥

I'm looking for sheet music for Ueda's Love in Snow and/or Malice Mizer's Regret (though I'm not expecting any of you to have it... x]). I'd greatly appreciate it if any of you could upload them for me or tell me where I could find them~ Please and thank you muchly! ♥
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