September 10th, 2006


cute drawings

hey guys, here's my first post.
my name is jenny, i'm an art student, this is my senior year in college.
(so yah, i know i'm old.)

well anyway, i'd like to share some fan art drawings i did.
these are not icons, but you can make them into icons if you want.
like before, please credit.

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Hello guys ! (i hope it's allowed, if not... sorry c_c)

I'm sorry in advance because i have to post it in many LJ. So maybe your friends page is destroyed... I apologize ! Won't do it anymore !
Lately i posted a Nobuta wo produce fanart made by my sister and some people loved it...
So we create an LJ for her fanarts and drawings. ♥
I will give our link just one time : if you like it, just add us ^^ She draws all the time so there will be more and more things (not only serious but also strips...)
... and a lot of Kat-tun =3 We just need time.
Thank you for attention :)
Hope you'll enjoy ! ^_^

1 x Kamenashi Kazuya.
1 x Yamapi with the drawer ♥
1 x Nobuta wo produce
1 x GYM !

Teasers :

♥ ♥ ai otsuka

Yo :B (My Long Overdue Intro Post)

I know I showed you some icons but I haven't really introduced myself. I'm LilyChan and I was introduced to KAT-TUN by my good friend, Peekay. I haven't seen any doramas with them yet but I plan to buy Kame's Nobura no Produce via YesAsia.Com. I ordered their Best of album and it has not arrived yet.

I reside in USA, Texas. My favorite member is Kame. As of now my favorite songs are GOLD and REAL FACE. I'm not quite sure what else to say, but hie. 8D;
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Hai Minna San

Hajimemashite, atashi wa Faradesu, douzo yorishiku onegaishimasu :)
Gomen ne, I forgot to introduce myself when I join this community, but here I am. Malaysia kara kimashita. I love KAT-TUN more than anything in this world, huhu suki suki suki daisuki!!!

KAT-TUN/NEWS Fanfiction Rec List

Giant KAT-TUN/NEWS Fanfiction Rec List

This is not an all-inclusive Fanfiction Rec List or anything, just ones that stood out to me when I went back to compile it, because no one else has ever done one before. Feel free to rec me anything you think should be on here! XD. Also, I haven't really read any NewS fics, so if anyone wants to rec me some, I would love you forever

( Click Here for the Recs! )
mana blue

Introduction and scans

 Hi to everyone ^-^

I just realized that I haven't introduce me correctly yet... sorry to the mods for that LOL' So here I go... 

I'm Arashi [but not because of Arashis group... xP], well... my real name is Isela but  you can call me as the way you want xD I'm from Mexico [does any other mexican around here? @_@'']  I'm 17 years old [but most of the time seems like I'm 19 or older -o-UU]
I've been on JE fandom since... little more than 11/2  years and  actually it was really weird... xDDD @__@ because before this I used to be only on J-Rock / Visual Kei fandom, on the underground scene and such... but one day I saw announced the SC on my NHK TV programming and I was like "what's this... o-o seems interesting..." since I LOVE Japan so much my sister and I  decided to try once and see what was exactly SC xD so SC started and on the first minute we were like: "OMG... O____O... WTH IS THIS!?!?!... @____@" but then... the first person I completely saw was Jin and I became woo... o-o... uhhh O-O ohhh.... ºOº woooo... O0O *O*.....sss *¬*... and there you have!! @_@ I got in here just because of Jin xDDD [and my sister because of Ueda xD] although it took me few months to got totally on KAT-TUN and JE because I was quite refusing xDD [but I think it was faster for me than for my closely friends to believe it LOL] But while ago I admited that I really LOVE this boys... [who don't? xDD] and KAT-TUN [with Mana-sama as well xP] became the center of my fandom life... I love them because they're amazing, and I'm very grateful with them for exist for being on this world and for have entered to JE *^---^*  Obviously my fav member is Jin, but I love very much all others too... because each one is so amazing and unique, on the other hand one of my fav johnny's out of KT is Yamapi, he is so adorable nee~...  I don't know how would be my life without KAT-TUN because they're so important to me TTOTT [also "thanks" to them I'm a poor person who spend most of her few money on kattun ¬o¬ but nah... who cares... xDD]  So yep... I'm a witness that these boys are able to catch almost any person [haha many of my friends at the begining refused but they already fell and like them xDD]  also I'm very happy because of KAT-TUN I've been able to meet amazing people and great friends and this is always good ^o^  Well... I think is enough with this xDD sorry if I bored you -_-U

And now... I'm very grateful with this comm too and I wanted to give you some things... but right now I don't feel very motivated to do graphics, take caps, look over my files and upload something for you etc. LOL so I only bring you some scans that I'm sure you already have them but well.... @__@  so sorry =P they're little big since I know many of you like to do graphics so feel free to use they xP Thanks to all of you in advice =P


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Self Portrait

Jin Wallpaper!! ^__^

Hey everyone! This is my first post here in a long while. I mainly just chill and read the posts. XD
I got this scan (photo rather) from the rocking LJ community boys_paper and je_mag_scans! There is my credit to you guys!! <333

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! I have it sized at 1920x1200(my laptop screen size) and 1280x1024(my desktop screen size). ENJOY!!
This was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS2! ^__^

- Rachel

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