September 9th, 2006

sad bear

Koki in Kame's new dorama^.^v

Koki in Kame new dorama
(Tatta Hitotsu no Koi)


 同局「マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーロー」(同放送枠)のヤクザ役で強烈な存在感を発揮しているKAT―TUN田中聖(20)が、亀梨の親友のトラック運転手として連投。「マイ☆ボス…」とは真逆の純愛物語に「早く台本の続きが読みたい」と既にはまっている。


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 同ドラマは北川悦吏子さん脚本で、亡き父の町工場を切り盛りする貧しい青年(亀梨)と裕福な家庭に育った女性(綾瀬はるか)のラブストーリー。明るいお調子者のトラック運転手役の田中は「マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー」に続く“土9”。「和気あいあいと楽しくできれば」。亀梨と幼なじみの専門学生役の平岡は「北川さんのファンでずっとご一緒できたらと思っていました」。綾瀬の同級生役の戸田は「ドラマの中の5人のように仲良くなれれば」と話している。

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Koki will be kame's friend...

(please correct me if I understood bad)


Tatta Hitotsu

YAY~ there'a CM on babykame's CB of Kame and Koki's new drama Tatta Hitotsu ( found info from akarui_mirai on kame_daily) I've uploaded the larger version from the clubbox (9 MB instead of 2.2MB)


I just checked drama-wiki this morning the girl that played Mariko in Nobuta wo Produce has also been casted in Tatta Hitotsu~ so it's going to be like a mini-mini reunion :P

[request] Sapuri Pics

Uh, hi! Um... a while ago.. a long long while ago... i remember there was this post that a Sapuri picspam. The pics weren't like screencaps or anything. They were actual photoshoots. Anywyas, i was wonder if anyone has any pics of Kame and Minami (dont' knwo actress's name), together in any photoshoot.

I'm looking for this one particular photo.. if memory serves correctly.. Kame and Minami are back to back, and Minami is like... flexing her arm kinda... lol.

I tried looking for the post, but i couldn't find it. Anyways, thx for taking the time to read this request, and Thx in advanced to anyone who does have that photo ^_^.