September 8th, 2006

Maru's hips don't lie
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This is ta fun!!!!

Minna!!! I have found a truly funny Kat-tun meme thingy!

Credits to meela2389 who I stole it from and in return stol it from some one she can't remember! ::sweatdrop:: to them?

Are you male or female? She said
How old are you? My Angel
Describe yourself: Butterfly
How do some people feel about you? Kizuna
How do you feel about yourself? Peaceful Days
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Never Again
Describe your views on significant others and crushes: I like it..
Describe what you want: Special Happiness
Describe how you live: One on One
Describe how you love: Love in Snow
Share a few words of wisdom: Fight All Nite

Tis fun give it a try!!!
I tag all of you! ^,^ Bwaha!

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Yoroshiku ne~

Hello, since introduction is asked in the rules, I'll finally do it now since I have time now.

I'm Cilla, I come from Finland, Northern Europe. I turned 20 a couple of weeks ago and I graduated from high school this spring. Currently I'm not studying but working in a tiny kindergarden nearby since I want to take care of children. I got to know KAT-TUN over three months ago by my friends and I just fell absolutely in love with every one of them in a REALLY short time. I admire KAT-TUN, YamaPi, Kanjani8 and all the other bands from Johnny's Entertainment from the bottom of my heart. I guess that if I'd have to name my favourite person from KAT-TUN (which is really difficult since I really do love them all SO much!) I would say Jin and Ueda, since they are both so pretty (I like pretty boys~) and they compose such a wonderful solo songs too. I don't really procure living people with each other but I find it really amusing to read if the fan fiction is cute and lovey-dovey. <3

I would also like to give something to the lovely people here who are spending so much time to upload all kinds of lovely KAT-TUN-stuff for us to download. I do own all cd's that KAT-TUN has so far released (Best of KAT-TUN, Real Face single & Signal single) and also the Live Kaizokuban DVD. I also have lots of more of their songs in my computer + tons of pictures, so if you are looking some of their songs, don't hesitate to ask me to upload into this post, it's a piece of cake if I just have some you want. ^^ It's a pleasure to meet you all! Let's all love KAT-TUN together! <3

[also, I don't actually have anything to request at the moment but this one thing... I do like Akame pairing a lot, but I'd also love to read some sweet and fluffy Jinda stuff too, but there's almost none of it existing. So if anyone would love to write some cute, loving and hot Jinda stuff I'd be thrilled~]

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shuji/akira ][ lil&#39; crazy

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hi ^^

i was wondering if anyone had the awesome fanvid for jin done to the song 'detachable penis' and would be willing to upload it or link to where it is on yuotube if it's there (because i've looked and can't find it for the life of me). i saw it a while back, posted here i think and loved it, and wanted to show it to a friend i've recently introduced to je.

any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance. XD
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Nuff said. :]

DL's for a Gloomy Day~~~

Heeyyy!-!-! Kei here (again...) and I've got 3 UPLOADS for you all :D I was digging thru my Shounen Club file and I found these 3 performances which all happen to be insanely happy and fluffish ;) No seriously, I guarantee you'll grin real big =] Credit goes to Biased Distiny and JPB~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
First up is KAT-TUN at Shounen Club 6.13.04 performing 'Happy Medley' which is here at Yousendit
Warning: there's no Junno ;___; However, there is plenty of severe dorkage to make up for it :D (as displayed in the screencaps... yes, Jin is doing the egyptian walk-thing x])

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Second is KAT-TUN at SC 7.4.04 performing Celery, here at Yousendit
Notice the random, goofy JunnoMaru love :]... (I think I just made "JunnoMaru" up D:) And also, that's Koki during his crazy-fast high-pitched rap thinger. it rocks *-*

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Finally, we have KAT-TUN at SC performing T2 4.11.04 Yousendit
THIS SONG IS CRAZY. o__o They're like, yelling the whole time... XD Jin is twiggling (jiggling/twirling) his mic at the beginning... and I thought it was cute so I screencapped it =P And I felt bad for Ueda because he didn't have a cap yet... so there he is :D

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!~ Comment if you take yesnomaybe? :]?

<3 Ja - Kei

[P.S.] Sorry they're all uploaded to Yousendit... it's because it works best for me... when they expire if someone else hasn't already, I'll try to re-up them somewhere like MU, yes?
*EDIT Thanks to the ~amazing kindness~ of puccalove_70 we all now have the links for SS and MU-!

The MU links :

[SC] 4.11.04 [KAT-TUN] T2
[SC] 6.13.04 [KAT-TUN] Happy Medley
[SC] 7.4.04 [KAT-TUN] Celery

and the SS links :

[SC] 4.11.04 [KAT-TUN] T2
[SC] 6.13.04 [KAT-TUN] Happy Medley
[SC] 7.4.04 [KAT-TUN] Celery
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