September 7th, 2006

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Sometimes it's hard to be a MOD....

This is in regards to what happened this week with the icon mishap...

We have addressed it but some are now asking for the mods to take more action and be more enforcing....

When I first heard what was happening...I was at work....I work in a coffee house, so no compys but my friend called me and talked to me about it....I simply told her that if the entry was still there when I got home at 11pm[eastern] time that I would delete yes when I heard some of the comments I too was offended for her....even though she should have taken the matter personally with the other person...I think everyone was being a tad harsh....but if we can't laugh at ourselves in life then there would be nothing funny....

Sometimes....we can't be here around the clock and watch non-stop for those who start insulting but we try....really we please be understanding in our cases as well...we have lives too...and love this comm VERY much...[well I know I do] but's a lil' hard....

I'm sorry if this entry angered anyone or made anyone angry at me now...but please just be understanding....thank you and I hope no one quits becuz that would make me a very unhappy bunny!>_< And lets all try and remember why we're all here! FOR THOSE 6 HOT YUMMI MEN OF!::goes off to drool over a pic in a dark corner:: lol-jk

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YAY! Let's do this yo! This had to be done because some just don't get it if it's not lined out like this in simple(ish?) words. YOSH -- FIGHT-OH!!!

RULE #1: No bashing of any KAT-TUN members!
-- If don’t like a certain member of the group then don’t say anything bad about them. Just keep your silence and disliking to yourself.

RULE #2: No bashing of any community members!
-- If you don’t like a certain member(s) of the community then don’t say anything bad about them in the community. If you have personal problem with anyone, take it outside the community and solve things on your own. Also, if a member is angered because of someone else in the community and blows off their steam in here, don’t bash them for it. Sometimes, you just can’t control yourself and you gotta let it out but if you’re gonna blow up in here, don‘t do it! -- That’s why you have your own personal journal. Anything that happens outside the community is not mine or the other moderators problem.

RULE #3: Please put FANFICS, PICTURES, GRAPHICS, etc. under an LJ CUT!
-- Be considerate and put long and/or big contents behind an LJ CUT because not everyone has high speed internet. Some are still stuck with 56k and/or lower. Also, long posts will drag the page.

No entries shall contain visual porn or leading to it!
-- Visual porn of any kind is not allowed in this community. I know it’s fun for the older members but we DO have under 16 fans in here. Also, because of past stupidity, I decided to put this rule up.

Visual porn is pictures and/or movies depicting male intercourse.

FANART with nude contents are allowed ONLY IF genitalia is not shown. If the FANART contains two or more members in action together, it MUST NOT be in a provocative position and/or any position that can be thought of as penetration (intercourse).

RULE #4: Taking and using of other members’ work should resolve in commenting AND crediting.
-- Members are generous enough to share their works with everyone in the community and it is only polite to comment so the maker will know where the item will be taken to and who is taking it. Crediting will show others where you got the work from and who made it. Result for the maker is more exposure and result for the taker is beautiful display.

Concerning Icons -- Bases are not bases unless the maker says it is. Just because an icon doesn’t have text on it does not make it a base. If you’re not sure and the maker doesn’t say, then ask them.

Concerning FanFics -- FanFics are written for enjoyment and amusement. Do not bash the author if you don’t like the story or a certain pairing and the characters involved. Do not take others’ work and make it your own by changing a few words -- that’s called plagiarism! Just don’t do it!

Concerning FanArts -- FanArts are for the eyes to see. Don’t copy someone else’s work unless you have permission and don’t claim others’ work as your own.

RULE #5: REQUESTING: There is no requesting for debuted material (such as rips of Albums, Singles, and DVD’s), but there is nothing against uploading it out of generosity.
-- Simply as the rules says, you can’t request for Debuted material but if someone wants to upload the Debuted material (just because you want to) then go right ahead. There are many ways to get debuted material such as FORUMS, CLUBBOX, BITTORRENT, and PURCHASING! *nudge nudge wink wink*

RULE #6: DOWNLOADING: When members upload a file, please comment if you download, that way members can keep track of how many people want a certain file and who’s taking it.
-- Please comment if you download a file. It’s polite and you don’t have to say much. A “thanks” is okay, just say something!

RULE #7: Large posts with more than five upload links should be locked (friends-only). However, if the poster does not want to, then of course, it is his/her choice.
-- The friends-only lock ensures the community members the first priority of a file and the posts contents. But if the uploader doesn’t want to make their post friends-only then it is, of course, their choice.

RULE #8: No hot linking of other LJ/BLOG/JOURNAL/etc. and their contents onto KATTUNLOVE without the owners permission. Permission MUST be asked before post is made. The post must say you have been granted permission, if not, the post will be deleted.
-- Because of past issues with linking to other blogs to kattunlove, the owner of that certain blog was bashed for her thoughts. I don’t want kattunlove to be known as the bashing-of-others community. I had to apologize to the owner for what happened so this is why this rule exists.

RULE #9: Anonymous comments will be deleted.
-- Don’t be afraid and tell us who you are. If you don’t have LJ then make an account, it doesn’t cost anything! ^_^ In fact, this feature has been turned off so I don't know why this rule is here...^^;;

RULE #10: Try to introduce yourself when you join, please!
-- This isn’t actually a rule but to get to know each other better, it’s nice to have an introduction upon your entrance to the community. You could make a new friend or more with your introduction.

Did you all get that? It's pretty easy to follow the rules even if the explanations were kinda long. ^^;; Okay, chop chop, back to not having to worry about the rules since you all know them really well now!

OTHER MODS, if I missed something prease to tell me! Thanks!
Nuff said. :]

New Member -&- PICSPAM!!!

Hi everyone! I'm new here and thought I should introduce myself :] You can call me Kei~ and I love KAT-TUN way more than my doctor said is healthy. :D

Anyway~ in honor of my new LJ, I've created a happy-happy picspam that I'd like to share! The theme is smiling :D here's a little teaser for you all ;]
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

The rest are located at my LJ -> Clicky-Clicky!
Aahh- and sorry my LJ is ugly and layout-less, I'm working on it :[
EDIT:: Thanks to the amazing skills of x_kawayui_x my journal is happy now~ ^^
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