September 6th, 2006

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I'm sorry about my post the other night. Even if I was pissed I shouldnt have done that. I realise I handled the situation wrong

Maybe now those responible (not the whole comm by any means) will stop hacking my journal and leaving "wank" comments all over the place (although I have to notice that you are so big and tough you cant leave your names)

Again my apologies for the post, especially towards those who had nothing to do with it
亀梨和也 // ♥

+Akame Icon dump+

[14 Total]
>> [8] Akanishi Jin
>> [6] Kamenashi Kazuya


More here at my LJ. Comments and credit onegaishimasu~ ^__^

This is all I got for now. More are soon to come. :D
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[fic] And yet 25 sentences more...making it 75 in all.

Title: And yet 25 sentences more...making it 75 in all.
Author: cabernet_shiraz
Pairing: Akame, mentions of other pairings
Notes and Warnings: Grammatical errors may abound. Writing at 2 o'clock in the morning makes me less coherent, but inspiration strikes and I can't help but write it down in this ungodly hour. Extra cheese and sap, mixed with sugar? I dunno...just...comments are appreciated. Dedicated to xakamex and her decision, whatever it may be. ^_^

Back with 25 more.


More Kaizokuban icons! Plus other goodies *lol*

2nd post! And so, hundreds and hundreds(I suspect it's almost a thousand D:) of screenshots and a very numb pinky, ring and middle finger(from ctrl+C-ing, ctrl+V-ing & Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S-ing) later, I bring many animated gifs. D: Gosh I have no life outside of my...normal am i saying even... D:

[14] KAT-TUN
[4] Yamapi
[6] Kis-My-Ft(2)?
(Specifically, Hiromitsu & Taisuke)

Animated Gifs
[3] Kame
[3] Akame
[2] Ueda

Comment if taking? ._.
Credit is optional but would be nice coz I really really spent alot of time on these? .__.;;;


(Follow the fake cut to the booty! D:)

Also, two days till order ends(sorry I forgot to mention I'm going by Singapore time ._.;)! (Have you ordered your Kaizokuban fan-tee yet?")
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