September 5th, 2006

Maru's hips don't lie
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I'm a lil' late since this had to be beta'd BADLY....
So without further or do! A fic for the b-day boy! <3
[X-posted almost everywhere! XD~]

Title: An Unexpected Birthday Gift.
Author: sadaoru
Pairing: Maruda, a bit of Akame ::snicker::
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Flame?: NO PLEASE! Constructive critism welcomed!
Summary: Tis Maru's b-day and KAT-TUN celebrates!
A.N.: Ueda is a lil' Out Of Character...but HE'S DRUNK!'s allowed to be? lol

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Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it! ^___________^
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Need advice!

Hello! I need you guys advice. ^__^
Should I buy the "Dream Boys" with KAT-TUN & KANJANI8 or "SUMMARY of Johnnys World"? Which one is best? Of course I want to have both of them, but unfortunately I don't have enough money for it. X__X

Thanks in advance! <3

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Hihi. First time posting here, I just thought I'd give my little contribution to the KAT-TUN fandom by sharing some icons I've just made. So here are 7 KAT-TUN icons among others. If you steal them, I'll leave the community. Feel free to take them away, credit or not, it's up to you. Go here to see them.

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KAT-TUN Limited Edition Box Sets

In case anyone missed out, my Japanese friend's selling the KAT-TUN Limited Edition Box Sets on eBay. But if you contact him personally, he can sell the box set for 9000yen (about 78USD) inclusive of shipping by EMS from Japan to anywhere in the world. He has about 10-20 box sets left so if anyone's interested in buying, I can give you his email.

He's accepting PayPal and Western Union as modes of payment.

I'm just helping him sell it since he helped me with my Y!Japan Auctions. ^^
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aim icons search!

Has anyone made any good AIM icons of KAT-TUN that we're aware of? I'm looking for some to show my LOVE FOR JUNNO-CHAN!!!!! KAT-TUN obsession to all my severely-lacking-in-JBoy-ness friends. ^_____^

Thank you!

24 Hour TV with Chinese Subs

Konnichiwa Minna-san, it's Yuki again!!!

Since quite a few are interested, I have started uploading 24 Hour TV with Chinese Subs at my LJ
(it also includes the SP drama YUUKI)

They are subbed in Traditional Chinese and are in .RMVB format (like the MBMH episodes)

Also uploded at my LJ:
-- My Boss My Hero Episode 1-8 (Chinese Subbed) and theme song single
-- DVD Rips of KAT-TUN's Kaizokuban Concert
-- 600MB of KAT-TUN Songs
-- 2 Utawara Episodes (English Subbed)

So, those who are interested...

(follow the fake cut to my LJ...)
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