September 4th, 2006

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J禁 - 鮮鮮綱頁

Back again with more Chinese fics sites!! XD This time, it's slightly different...since it's actually more of a large fic-hosting site, and I'm just pointing out a lot of J禁 writers. Also...there's a lot more other pairings that just Akame this time. XD Details in post.

(J禁 - 鮮鮮綱頁)
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Ok I was just wondering if anyone can help me? I was on youtube and I saw this clip. It was a show that had Kame,Jin and YamaPi in it.It didn't looke like Gokusen. At the begining of the clip Yamapi gets hit by a car..then later in the clip they show him with the lead guy of *Mako no Jouken*. I think his name is Takizawa Hideaki. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it. I thought the only show Kame and Jin did together was Gokusen 2. If anyone knows of this show that has Kame,Jin,Yamapi and Takizawa Hideaki please let me know. I really apprecaite it :)
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[request] a tiny translation for Hey3 2006.08.28 (Kat-tun and Pi moment)

I was wondering if someone could help me..because I want like whaouuu to know what Yamapi said on this was related with previous Hey3 when Pi said that he came often to Jin's house and that he hated Kame the at first...I want to know what Jin and Kame said about that and what was Yamapi 's answer...because I suck so much in Japnese I've just understood that Yamapi was probably lying or something but I don't know if he has admited it or not..He talked about his mother as well..hum well I dunno that's why I ask for your help...I don't want a great translation just an explanation to understand few critical moments *laugh*!!

Thanks ^^

This has nothing to do with this post but well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARU *dances*

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[MOD] Just read...

Recently an entry was posted about people stealing/taking graphics without permission and the result was them leaving. You see, I don't mind you(in general = any comm. member) leaving for your own personal reasons but don't blame it on the community (I'm not saying that you did). If you got some beef with someone then take it up personally and with them. And also, if someone wants to leave...just leave. You don't have to announce it to the whole comm! So anyway, I think this is a nice post considering I'm not in a very good mood.

Actual entry have been deleted by me!

DoCoMo Jin Billboard

Okay, so this is my first time posting in this community. Ever. I apologize for my rude tendency to lurk. To repent for my sins, I bring you ONE picture. (Yes, only one. For now.)

I believe I saw someone looking for a larger version of this picture so they could make a wallpaper?

I was in Japan earlier this summer, so I went through my pictures to see if I could be of any help.

Again, this is NOT a scan, but a picture taken with my digital camera. With that in mind, I think the quality and size is fairly good. It IS a billboard, so the faint vertical lines you see in the picture can't be helped.

Please enjoy!

Fake cut to LJ post.

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