September 2nd, 2006

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A really important request!

I'm a bit frantic right now because I'm heading to Markham, Ontario, Canada's Pacific Mall and the neighbour mall (that I forgot the name of) later today. And I want to know the best places/shops to find KAT-TUN and/or Johnny's Entertainment stuff. Actually, not just in P-Mall, but all around the GTA area. I remembered earlier in this post that a lot of the members here go to P-Mall and stuff. So hopefully you guys will help me and my friend out? =D

If you're talking about P-Mall, can you tell me specifically? Like upstairs, downstairs, north/south entrance... Since P-Mall is so big already. XD Thanks so much~ As a thank you for all your help, underneath this cut is all my leftover MP3s.

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Thanks again! <333
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I've recently been getting quite addicted to Yahoo Japan Auctions that it's becoming quite unhealthy but I can't help it. It's like JE HEAVEN!
KAT-TUN goods set, Arashi CD lot, NEWS CD lot. And I've just realized that NEWS had such colorful covers that when I looked at the CD lot, it made me blind.

So go under the cut and let's all look at what the Japanese are willing to sell of for a few thousand yen or MORE. Seriously, these bids can become insane. The SUMMARY LE DVD went as high as 30,000yen. It made me cry blood because I want it too!

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Sorry to trouble you guys, but any idea where I can get the following performance and talk from heyheyhey?

Free Image Hosting at

Also, I would like to have the performance of Six Senses+Real Face+Signal at Utawara..Im aware that the clubbox for johnnyjr should have these files but I can't seem to be able to access the clubbox. I've tried joining a few weeks ago but I still can't enter the clubbox. Thanks for help!


[Request, prease!]

Hi everyone, sorry to trouble all of you again, but is there any way that I can get some KAT-TUN ringtones? I use true tones for my cell phone, but I could only get the whole song and not snippets like how normal ringtones should be. Or does anyone know of music software which I can use to edit the KAT-TUN songs I have? 8D

Arigatou!!~ ♥