September 1st, 2006


Jin or Yamapi?

I know many of you here are Yamapi fans I'm just wondering..if given a chance, would you rather have Yamapi or Jin as your boyfriend? Since they are both going for the sexy look (^_^) <3 

I personally have no's such a struggle! Hah! But right now Yamapi has a slight edge because of his new found body and sexxxxyy hair. By the way you can't take both!
Angel Shinya
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Stupid question...

Well... being completely bored, I thought of a brilliant thing to do... a fan letter! (that was a bit of sarcasm there XD) But what is the address you should use when you want to send them fanmail and how well do they read English? I'm afraid there's no point in writing one if they can't read it... and if they can't, would they have a translator handy? ^^; haha sorry for the dumb questions, but any help is welcomed!

And the link below is for my favorite Medley... Gloria, Gold, She Said, Precious One, Wilds of my Heart, and Never Again... although I'm sure most of you have it though ^^; but incase you don't, here it is!

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Its not really an icon but since its Nakamaru's b-day in 3 days lol for da countdown I cg'd the picture I drew da other day and colour'd it with opencanvas. I'm not pro at cg'n thingys but it was fun doin' it ^_^ If you haven't seen da original picture of da icon yet its under da cut:

It was kinda fun doin' this ^_^ I claim this icon as my own RAWR! XD

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