August 31st, 2006

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I heard that in the magazine "Flash" they had an artical about Jin going out with a model from ViVi called Lena or something?? The had really blurry pictures of them together on a date on Aug. 20th...they were in some really crowded part of Japan so after a while a lot of fans spotted them...

So yeah....just wondering if it's just me or other people heard of it too ^^"

just to be able to say i contribute...

a while ago i was in hk and promised to upload everything i got...
i got their "best of kat-tun" and real face single...and a bunch of mags+pics that sre refusing to upload. so here's tracks 1-7 from the best of album...though all of you guys have it.

here's tracks 8-15

if it says that you need to be logged in, use my account

password: yr3w1gb4yt7

first time uploading...hope it works...



I don't know if any of the songs have ever been posted here, but since I'm a member of this community, I thought might as well contribute some songs.

The link will bring you to my LJ because I posted the songs there.

(cut to my LJ)

I'm sorry if there are any repeats -.-"

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I hate to ask for an additional file, but I'm in need. I want to burn a cd for tomorrow (I'm having a little road trip) with Koki's 'Shorty' on it, but the only mp3 I have is from the con and has the minute of drums and such in the beginning.

Does anyone have a version without that, or a rip from the live when he performed Shorty and Real7 on t.v.?

Any help would be appreciated. <3


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This is my first post I've done every since I join'd da community and feel bad about not updatin'. Since Nakamaru's b-day is in four days which is Sept 4th, I drew a picture just for da occasion.

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I hope I can make up for not postin' until now ^_^