August 30th, 2006


tiny request

minna, i just wanna request if anyone has Kame and Junno's Special Happiness performance in Shounen Club last April 09. i actually have it already but there's something wrong with the audio. it's too soft and at some point, it's not synchronize. so please, if anyone has it, can u please upload it to YSI or SS? thanks.

[FIC] Sliding Doors (2/2)

Title: Sliding Doors (2/2)
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Akame, Yuya/Jin, YuyaKame, RyoKame
Summary: Inspired by altiui's comment about Kame the workaholic needing an Ishida Yuya. I don't think this was what she really had in mind, but alas.

Part 1

( "He's a lot like Fuji-san isn't he?" Yuya asked, making a face. "He's so in love with his work that he doesn't even notice the people around him. Let's go shopping later, Jin-chan! I'll buy you a present." )

[Announcement] fansubbing Yuuki

I'm just here to inform everybody that our forum's fansub team Love Song is currently hardsubbing Kame's special drama 'Yuuki'. =D There's no official date yet to when the project will be done but they're working at full speed right now. lol uh soo look forward to it? I don't think any other teams or girls out there are subbing it right? o.o

note: i'm part of the forum but not the team ^^;

check there for updates on the process ^^ enjoy.

FIC: Ore-tachi no Dorama

Title: Ore-tachi no Dorama
Author: Anestel
Livejournal: poetanarchy
Writing Journal: aijis_muse
Pairings: MaruxKame, JinxYamapi, JinxKoki, JunnoxUeda, JinxUeda, RyoxUeda, various others
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): drama, angst, occness (*gets shot*), unknown elements later on
Disclaimer: They belong to themselves and this is a work of fiction. </3>_>
Word Count: 1014

( Chapter One )