August 29th, 2006

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Icons! I'm back (or not..)!

Yes, I'm finally back with some more icons, only 10 icons this time though, and I don't like them. I definitely have no creativy these days. x_x And school is taking much time and when I didn't have school I was busy with the 24 hr thing! XD

Credit if you use, comment if you want to. ^.^
Feels like I have forgotten anything.. ? Uhm.


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24hrTV News from Japan-Zone.Com

Here's a summary (and end total donation amount!) of the 24hrTV special from -

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Congratulations (and thank you), KAT-TUN, for all of your hard work (and also a thank you to everyone who donated/watched it live, though none of you will ever see this ♥). If an American benefit made 2 million dollars, it'd be fantastic, let ALONE a relatively much smaller country like Japan doing it. Congratulations, again. LET'S BE PROUD OF OUR BOYS. :D
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Okay, there's only one here, but I was watching the Seishun Amigo performance on 24 hr Terebi, and I can't help noticing (and giggling over) this particular scene(?), of Jin pretending to dig his nose while the others did a thumbs up sign XDDD

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...I'm such a dork 8D
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my name is olivia. let's be succinct. I'm new, and I'm 18 and I'm from Canada, and blah blah blah *inserts whole life story here*

I luff kat-tun because they're fob-ulous and also because I have a soft spot for jpop. that's a good enough reason, right? after all, you don't need to know the ENTIRE psychological causes of why I find akame amusing. cos we all do. *sighs* how simple.

OH YEAH~~~~ before I forget, I once saw this pic of jin in a flowery shirt with an umbrella. And I can't seem to find it again. If anyone has seen this pic, please give me the link or if you have it, please email it to me::

thanks~ *bows at a 90 degree angle*
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[translation] 24hr Terebi - Jin's letter (part 2)

And here are KT-TUN’s reactions to Jin's letter. Not much to say except awwww. ♥

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed it! If anyone wants to use the translation for subs or something, let me know and I'll brush it up and add the little announcements before they sing and whatnot. I also want to say thank you to everyone who commented/will comment - it totally makes it worthwhile!

Actually, while I'm at it, are there any other parts of 24hr TV anyone particularly wants translated? I'm enjoying myself. :D
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LOOK AT THIS. Actually, you are looking at it already.

Nyah~ This new layout looks so gorgeous! I am so proud of myself. XDDD Yes, new layout for our growing community, kattunlove while everyone is still downloading 24-hour TV and stuff. Okay, I've got not much else to say, so on to the credits and stuff. :)

Credits to boys_paper for the above scan.
Credits to dearest for the tiled background.
Credits to premade_ljs for the coding. (Tweaked quite heavily by me though. O___O)

Anyways, hope you guys like it. It's so colourful and stuff. So rabu. :D Like always, if you guys have any viewing problems, do comment and stuff. :) Also, I think it might solve a few problems if you get rid of the stupid grey LJ navigation bar at the top.

Edit: Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention that we have a new rule to the community. #7 on the sidebar. :D We mods pulled that one up after looking at the huge 24-hour TV post with twenty million links. :D Also, if you look further down the sidebar, there's a section called Featured, which means all the links there are all really important or really notable posts. For example, that huge 24-hour TV download post, which I bet has gotten everyone annoyed that they have to go back a few pages and stuff. :D Okay. I'm done now. :D (So many smilies. o____o")
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