August 28th, 2006

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Chinese Fan-Fic Sites

I don't know how many fans in the comm can read Chinese...but I made a post in my journal listing a few major Chinese fan-fic sites that contains JE fics, with a few comments (in Chinese though). Most of the sites contain Akame, since I'm a major Akame fan. XD If there are people interested, feel free to check it out. ^^

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[mp3] Rips from 24 Jikan Terebi

Hi all. It's been a busy day, hasn't it? And we're not even done yet! Thank you to all who have taken their time and made the effort to upload the clips on other hosting sites. I am fortunate enough to be able to use Clubbox, but THANK YOU nevertheless. ^_^ Without further ado, please feel free to download these mp3 -

[24 Jikan Terebi] Real Face - KAT-TUN
[24 Jikan Terebi] Tsubasa wo Kudasai
[24 Jikan Terebi] Signal, Venus & Harukana Yakusoku
[24 Jikan Terebi] R.I.P. Marcos-Unity Poss - Love Junx with Akanishi Jin & Nakamaru Yuichi
[24 Jikan Terebi] Seishun Amigo
[24 Jikan Terebi] Kizuna & Real Face

Not really KAT-TUN but I hope the mods wouldn't mind, because this was beautiful - [24 Jikan Terebi] Jupiter - Hirahara Ayaka & Hia. If there are any objection to this, I will delete it.

KAT-TUN saikkou indeed. ♥ Otsukaresama deshita~ ^_^
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[fansong/discussion] This is (Gay) Love?

Even though I gave up on fansong projects a while back, I don't like to leave things (entirely) unfinished. So, this will have to be the 'finished' version of This is Love (Kizuna). I skipped the music because I wanted to try out using only the sound of waves lapping a beach (think the end of NwP) instead. I also tried ... not to try too hard. *grins* To go more for feeling than technique, so the latter is crappier than usual in some parts. On the whole, I tried to take into account what constructive criticism I've recieved lately. (Though I couldn't take into account 'scary' or 'weird' -- comments for Do it, YamaPeople -- because I still don't know _what_ that means. *pouts*)

And now it's streaming, thanks to Vox! *grins* This is Love (Flash player, a la YouTube.)

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And no, I never did finish the Shuji section. All you get is Akira's. Also, yes, it is Shuji/Akira. Or ShujixAkira.

Which leads me to what I really want to discuss. :D

BoyxBoy (BL) pairings and 'fanservice' are very common in JE fandom. However, homophobia also appears rampant. How do you think You would react if it turned out a member of KAT-TUN were gay in real life? How do you think most fans would react?

No, I'm not suggesting members of KAT-TUN are gay. Nor am I suggesting they're not. I'm just interested in the topic, audience perception etc.

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So, thoughts? On the song or the topic, or even both? *entices*

[translation] 24hr Terebi - Jin's letter (part 1)

Here's a quick translation of Jin's letter to KAT-TUN near the end of 24 Hour Television. The segment can be downloaded from apinkmaru's clubbox - it's the segment named "KAT-TUN no Kizuna". I'm doing this in two parts cause I've kind of in a hurry right now. This part is the letter itself, I'm about halfway done translating the member's comments (yes, yes, I know all you Akame fans want to know what Kame said XD) and I'll finish them up later today if no one else translates it first.

Enjoy. :D

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沢尻エリカ ; 幻想

Akame Kiss

I just found this. I'm dying. Photoshop is so scary *O*

Have you seen Jin's kiss in Anego?
Have you seen Kame's kiss in Sapuri?
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Warning: please take your heart medicine first if you have one and please don't scream in the middle of the night, especially Akame fangirls xD

Non-Akame fans should look away >3

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KAT-TUN Myojo & Popolo Oct Scans!

I am back with new SCANS!!! I actually bought these magazines a week ago but didnt have the opportunity to upload the amazing photos of KAT-TUN! So here, do enjoy it!


Teasers! =P (Only cover pages! hee~)
Popolo October Issue!   Myojo October Issue!
Free Image Hosting at         Free Image Hosting at
I actually posted this to je_mag_scans as well, so don't mind it! =)
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DREAM BOY Pic Spam + Downloads

Don't know how many of you guys are gonna see this since everyone's going download crazy over the 24 Hour TV thing.

If anyone's interested, I have links up for DREAM BOY with Takki, KAT-TUN, and Kanjani8 in my journal along with a captioned pic spam.

Don't you want to come and see? 
Jin will shoot if you don't.

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