August 27th, 2006

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does anybody have this clip and would be wiling to upload it?Thanks!

upped a couple of live rips as bribage

zip file kat-tun live mp3s

includes the following

Bonnie Butterfly ~ SC~20040502
Fight All Night ~ BC~ 20040613
Fight All Night~ SC~ 20031109
Gold~ No Matta Matta~Special Medley
Harukana Yakusoku~No Matta Matta~med
HOUND DOG~UW~ 051120
It cant be~SC~20040502
Le Ciel~BC ~20040606
Love Or Like~SC~ 20030914
No Matta Matta~SC~20040215
Peaceful Days~Origanal Blue~No Matta
Shining Day No.1~BC ~20040502
Six Senses~UW~ 20060611
db2 - 13 - Seishun Amigo
db2 - 14 - Ha-Ha
db2 - 16 - Everytime
db2 - 06 - Kizuna
not your one night stand

[Request] Lyrics to "Love in Snow"

Hi. I was hoping that someone had the lyrics to Ueda's "Love in Snow" solo. I'm currently making a wallpaper out of some scenes that I capped from that performance, and it'd be nice to be able to add some meaningful lyrics to it. If someone has the translations to it, that'd be great too. (If not, I have my Japanese dictionary to try and understand it. ^^) Thank you.

As for a bribe... when it's done, my wallpaper? XD Well, I'm also currently uploading the solo songs by Ueda (that probably you all I have because I'm pretty sure that I got them from this community...) right now and I'll put the links up when they finish, so that'll also be part of the bribe. XD

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ギャル ~ Blue


Ne, can someone upload this performance of 'Freeze' for me? And possibly an mp3? ;o;

For bribery, I'll take any fanfiction request. XD Hontou ni! <3

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