August 26th, 2006

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Zoom In 2006.08.25

Finally we get a glimpse of the boys. Call me obsessed but there's been serious lack of KT. I know there's plenty of 24Hr TV stuff (which I have been downloading and I really can't wait ♥) but I neeeeed my recent NOW kind of stuff, ya know? :D

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these interview-ish things on Zoom In are live? My heart would be shattered if not.

But for now I'm telling myself that this is how ours boys were this morning.

Yup. Shiny and all.

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 Hi everyone! Yesterday, i went to J-Town and i bought two magazines that are September issues. One is Poppolo and the other is Myojo. Anywyas, i decided to scan the magazines and them post them up here for your enjoyment too ^_^. A lot of you probably have practically most of these pics, but there are some ppl who don't... like me... lol. Which is why i scanned them... for me... and now, for everyone else who don't have these pics ^_^. Anywyas, please enjoy these pics as much as I currently am right now. Oh yes, please don't mind my fangirlish comments: 

*WARNING* Please make sure u have a glass of water beside you before you click the link below. You may die of dehydration. Ready? Let's go!:

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subtitled real face film dvd

hey guys,

any of you have any idea where i can get great downloads of subtitled real face film videos? i happened to get one subtitled version of 'making of signal' by i think they did a great job, however I am unable to register at the forum to find out if they did one for Real Face too..

much thanks!!

newbie alert...

hello everyone!
i'm new here, thus the title of the post.
anyway, been lurking for a while, so i figured, might as well join.
i love kat-tun, esp kame.
some of you might've seen me around some forums.
hope i get to be friends with all of you!
oh.. and thanks for all the files.
will now proceed to dl like crazy, since i get guilty when i leech.
welcome me, ok? haha

Hello ~ ^o^

I AM a new user here.....{ +v+ }

When I went  to this community in the first time ..
I really enjoyed to see so many humouristic posts + cool pictures about kattun !!!
Thus , finally I JOINED kattunlove !

SO this is my first post ~ * w *''

Eager to make more friends among kattun fans ~

YESTERDAY , I ' ve just finish making a KAT-TUN BANNER~

<lj-cut text"

↑ wANT to create " Traditional JAPAN STYLE  " * V * ''' HEE..

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[24-hours TV] Downloads... KT fans are LOVE ♥.♥

24h-TV started....

I would love to add it to himitsu... but the idea of upload everything by myself.. makes my head spin and hurt XD

And since I know some people is starting to upload it,  I though of making  a fan collaboration.

I can post here the parts with the clubbox link and people can say what they are willing to upload ( and to where they are going to upload it, YSI,MU,SS...). So this way  we don't upload two times the same file  and  save time.

And once the file is uploaded I will edit this post with the link and  the credit...

Um.. I suck at explaining , I hope  made myself clear.. ;_;

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(and please, if you upload to MU, can you say if you are willing to let us use the link for Himitsu, with credit of course ^.^)

Part 30 the LAST one

♥ ROLO ♥ || MOE~~~~~
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[karaoke & dual audio] KAT-TUN - SIGNAL PV

lol I know everyone is busy with the 24h thing, but today I'm releasing two NEW and BETTER versions of the [karaoke subbed] Signal PV!! So if you have downloaded the older version (~83mb), sorry for the inconvenience, but please download the newer version!! YOU *imitating Johnny-san again 0.o* won't regret it lol. Please spread only these versions and don't spread the older version any more!

there are two newer versions:

1. version (the mkv-file; higly recommended!!!)
- it has two audio-streams, where you can switch on and off the voices of KAT-TUN (just like a dvd with different audio streams to change the language)!!
you can sing along to the real "Original KAraoke" from the Signal single!!

Image Hosted by

- I replaced the audio track from the PV with the single version, so the audio is of much higher quality now!!
- I enconded the video file to make it bigger than before -> much better qualitiy
- corrected two minor errors in the subs (I'm so sorry Miyami)

make sure you have installed the codecs if you can't play the mkv file! I can recommend you the k-lite codec pack!!

2. version (avi-file; only recommended if you don't like mkv-files!)
- I enconded the video file to be bigger than before -> much better qualitiy
- corrected two minor errors in the subs (I'm so sorry Miyami)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

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And so it's begun...

Handshaking at the arena (I would think?)~~ look how happy the girls are! XD

Okay there's no need for this post now, head over to for all the links and goodies! ^^

Mods, sorry for all the spam in this post.. LOL ♥

EDIT: I'll try to make this as subtle as I can ;) CB is still being assy to me (how's everyone else going?) but there's online streams (okay she keeps updating and there's heaps of stuff!) up at Michiyo's blog. I won't link, but if anyone doesn't know who I'm talking about just give me a nudge and leave your email :)

Credits for clips go to the apinkmaru CB! :)
Credits for the pic go to RKRweng @