August 25th, 2006

searching for pic without scribble

Hi fellows =D Just a lil' question..
Does someone has this pic in a better quality or at least without the drooling smiley? ^^;
I mean I totally understand this smily face *lol* but why exactly across his sexy back? *cries*
Yeah I know I have a fetish when it comes to Jin's back XD

credit: *points at pic*

Thanks in advance!!

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Sakura/ come back and haunt me


Hi, this is my first contribution to the comm~ It's a picspam. =D Because I went shopping for photos yesterday, I now have a handful of Kame and Jin photos. And also one of the whole of Kat-tun. So I thought I'd share with you guys. ^__^ I hope someone would like it, because it took quite a while to scan them all in and resize them and stuff... ^___^;;

An Akame pic to lure you in. ;P
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Love In Snow

Ne?  I was searching through my laptop, and I found Ueda Tatsuya's Love in Snow Piano Version.  I have no idea where I got it actually it, but it was somewhere.  The piano piece repeats twice, so it makes it exactly 8 minutes long.  Though it doesn't have Ueda's voice singing, I especially like this because you can hear the whole piano piece with the guitar, bass, or drums.  Also the fact that you will not here thousands of screaming fangirls.
So anyways heres the piano part, though I'm also wondering if anyone has the music sheets to this.




Please comment if you are downloading, because it isn't so hard to say a simple arigatou/thank you or something ^-^'

EDIT - It seems that some people don't bother on commenting when they download, like the fact 100 people downloaded form YSI, though I've only got no more then about 10-20 YSI comments.  Anyways I reuploaded the YSI link, so enjoy!
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OK!! so My KAT-TUN members on my RP site need a TEPPEI and a HAYAMI!! ^^ I started adding those members into converasations but i dont have anyone yet to fill their slots so please join in!! It would mean a lot! to me and the KAT-TUN rpers!! ^^ I require no experience and no longer than two words for a post XDD thanks!
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Koki deserves love.

I just made a post on my journal with old videos of Koki, from between 1998 and 2000.
There's also an appearance by Junno and Ueda - one vid, each - but no Nakamaru, Kame or Jin since this post was focused on Koki.

The videos are mainly cut from old Music Jumps (which I think is the predecessor of Shounen Club), and one file from I Love B.I.G..
There are descriptions for each download, along with several screencaps. Those screencaps are, once again, Koki-focused.

If you're interested, please follow the link~♥
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