August 24th, 2006


Signal Preformances?

I was Just wondering if anyone could help me and upload SIGNAL preformances for me?
since this Single came out I have not seen any preformance clip for it! and I'm Dieing !
M(_ _)M onegaishimasu!!
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Um..last week I posted some of the Kattun pictures I got from a Johnny store I went to in Namba well here are the rest as well as the picture I took of Jin's billboard for Docomo phones that were in a lot of trainstations when I went.
Enjoy!! Credit if used

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♥ ROLO ♥ || MOE~~~~~
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[karaoke-subbed] KAT-TUN - SIGNAL PV

lol I know everyone is busy with the 24h thing, but I release today two NEW and BETTER versions of the [karaoke subbed] Signal PV!! So if you have downloaded this older version (~83mb), sorry for the inconvenience, but please download the newer version!! YOU *imitating Johnny-san again 0.o* won't regret it lol. Please spread only those new versions and don't spread this older version any more! go here

Today I finally release the hq karaoke-subbed of the KAT-TUN - Signal PV!!
I started to sub this even before the PV was aired by using the radio cut... ô.Ô;
Translation is by miyamiaki and I made the karaoke subs and the rest... lol I even did the kanji karaoke, but it didn't show up as I wanted when I encoded it the first time... but it's fixed now (^o^)

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