August 23rd, 2006

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oh no..i'm requesting.

WOW. I was browsing youtube and was once again, spending my evening watching tons of kattun videos when I came upon this.

Maybe this is just a form of dramatic shock, but I really, REALLY liked this perf. =]
and so......I was wondering if anyone in a 'before uploaded onto youtube high quality' video, or in the mp3 format? Or would be willing to direct me to a place that does have it? I'm really sorry if this has been already posted or something like that..but I was hoping that you could help me, because anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanksss. =]

Intro to the Rabu-ness of Kat-tun

Hey! XD I'm candyy_girl and I just got into j-pop two months ago and kat-tun was my first band, Thanx to ani (st_anime) she's great btw.. Just to tell you she's the BIGGEST Jin fan, so watch out Jin-lovers (this one's has the crazies for him). Well my fave from kattun is also jin, then kame i think... [Ani, dont tell them that i truly hate Kame for the stupidest reason..!] [Kame fans will seriously harass me >.<]

I love lookin' for pics of kattun esp Jin and youtube is a must for me... I loved the summary 2004 fun fight with newS (another band I'm crazy about) but can't seem to watch the first part completely, prolly a corrupted file... so if you have links to the whole thing please notify me!! (and eng subs are must) [i know so demanding am i?] :p

I'm 17 and I'm deseperate to learn Japanese and to go to japan! AND of course meet kat-tun.. but what's more is to meet Massu of NewS, yes Massu-lover is here... Anywho i still have love for kat-tun because they have better songs.. =o

From Canada, soo maple syrup's good! Yes, Junno we still have lots of maple syrup so please visit and esp. in Toronto!! and bring massu or jin with you!! hehe :D (preferably massu, told you i have the hotts for him >.<')

Love to chat with y'all who's got some cool insights! Thanx for readin', hope to talk to you again
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Johnny's shopping in Shanghai

Because of the huge response of my last post concerning Johnny's shopping in Shanghai, I have here the excact places one can find those shops.

- Xu Jia Hui underground shopping area, where you buy jewels and stuff, they have shops there. Those shops are photoshops where you have pictures, and they make you all kind of key chain, neckless, cups, pillows, prints ect.

- Wen Miao street. That's a little street with girl's things.. they have a couple great shops, in one you even can buy photobooks. *.* One also can find the NewS tour shirt, or W-inds tour shirt. And tones of posters. The purikulas in a little shop further into the street are really cheap, 10 yuan (1 euro) for about 40 Purikulas.

-And my favourite place is the Shui Chen Street No 448. That's a little shopping mall with a kind of girl's stuff. those shops. In the 3rd etage, you can find a lot of those shops. One also can choose the pictures in the computers and let them make it for you. One basically can't miss it, because you hear NewS, Kat-tun, Yayayah songs from far away. XD

-The last result would be Di Mei in the People Square, also a underground shopping area. But there I didn't find to much shops... but one can try since it's awful huge. ^^ They are really cute Gothic Lolita and Japanese school uniforms from about 10 Euro till 50 Euro.

So that's it, if I find more, I will post this up. ^^
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KAT-TUN's favorite anime/manga characters

I just bought Popolo October issue today and there's a whole section that JE boys talk about their favorite anime/manga characters. And of course KAT-TUN is in it too xDDD I'm sure that many of you are also otaku (or at least I think so), so do you wanna know if their favorite characters are the same as you? xD

I just state the names of the characters and which series they come from. My Japanese is not enough to translate KAT-TUN's opinions on the characters x3 Hopefully someone will ^_^

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